Thursday, August 4, 2011

White chocolate smores's bars

I have found a FEW NEW FAVORITE FOOD BLOGGERS....  Picky palate is definitely one of them...  EVERY single one of the recipes of her's I have tried have been a HIT!!  :)  This one is made with white chocolate so it IS naturally one of MY favorites!!  The recipe is SUPER easy...  Brody and Jake helped me make the second batch, they're 4 and 2, so it goes to show how easy and kid friendly it was!!  ;) 
you can find the recipe here
what you'll need,
graham crackers
white chocolate chips
mini marshmallows
and a can of condensed milk
Step 1....  line the pan with aluminum foil cookie dough and graham crackers
...adding the chocolate chips
...and the marshmallows
...Then the condensed milk, and finally the 2nd half of the cookie dough layer!  ;)
...then it was time for the oven...  looks like I should of closed the drawers first!!  ;) look at how yummy and bubbly it looks!  ;)
I could hardly wait to get my hands on this yummy dessert!  ;)
....and they didn't dissapoint, they were just as good as their original picture showed...  ;)
If you haven't visited picky-palate's blog,  YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!!  ;)

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