Friday, July 30, 2010


Outside my window

I can see the moon in all it's glory just staring at me.... it's so bright and pretty.... I love nights like this, where the moon is almost bright enough to light up the whole evening sky.......

I am thinking… that I absolutely LOVE thursdays.... It's MY day to do whatever I want, today it was hanging out with the girls and the kiddos.... Oh how I love hanging out with them, it truly reminds me how blessed I really am, I am surrounded by some of the greatest people ever!!! And there's nothing wrong with some quality girl time, while surrounded with pizza, and delicious treats! :)
~ I'm also thinking that I should go check on my fantasy baseball team... I sort of neglected them today... hopefully they did well on their own!! ;)

I am thankful for… amazing family and friends, and for all of the other blessings that God has given me, and continues to give me everyday.....

~ I am grateful that my dad is doing so much better, he is almost to 100% again, and it's great for me to see that!

~ I am grateful that I am still healthy... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the good days may be here to stay.... YIIIPPPEEEE!!!!! :)

~ a job, that's another thing to be grateful for, especially in this day and age.... :)

~ great visits with good friends, nothing like a good chat session to make me feel better!! :)

From the kitchen… ummmm.... there was nothing in the kitchen today... hahaha!!! I'm not really sure there was "dinner" today, unless of course you count watermelon, chips and cookies as such! ;) but I did get a recipe for the most amazing chicken enchiladas from a friend today, so I may give that a whirl in the next few days.... Now there's something to look forward too!! :)

I am wearing… pj's, it's almost bedtime!! ;)

I am reading… Jenny McCarthy's book, Louder than Words..... So far it's very interesting, lately I've taken an interest in Autism and children..... so this book seemed appropriate, and it was one I've been wanting to read!

I am hoping… for strength and comfort that I am making the right decision... a few "new" things that I may be interested in, have come up.... I just hope I have the strength and motivation to go forth with them.... :) wish me luck, I'm going to need it... we all know how I feel about change! ;)

I am creating… a goal list, stuff I want and need to get done in the next few months.... :) and a bucket list, stuff I want to do before I die.... well I'm kind of just adding more stuff to my old "bucket list" I guess! ;)

I am hearing… the sound of the sprinklers outside, and enjoying the smell of "wet" grass..... even though it's not as enjoyable as the smell of "rain"

Around the house… lot's of stuff going on around the house.... :) mostly stuff left over from the girls' visit that needs to be picked up! ;) and laundry, lots of laundry piled about the laundry room that I still need to take care off.... maybe I'll finish that tomorrow!!

~ ahhhhh, ants seem to be around the house too..... I keep trying to give them an eviction notice, but they just don't seem to be taking the hint..... :/

One of my favorite things… Pizza!! I LOVE pizza, and could eat it almost everyday.... and today I'm pretty sure I ate it ALL day long!!! hahaha!!!

Well that's what is going on in my corner of the world today! How about you? I would LOVE to hear! Thank you Miss Karen for being my inspiration for this blog..... Good Bye Whiny Wednesday!!! ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am a "backwards" kind of girl!! ;)

So we took the fondant class, because it looked fun and we REALLY, REALLY wanted to learn how to make that bow..... :) It turns out that we had a really fun time, and we really enjoyed learning how to properly make decorations for a cake.... figures that fondant and gum paste would be the last course in the 3 course series that Michael's has to offer.... but we had so much fun in the fondant class, that we thought it would be appropriate that we went and took the second course which will teach us all about flower and cake design.... we're so excited, we can't wait for next wed... one of the other girls in our class now, decided to also take the backwards journey with us... :)

and since we're going all backwards we'll be taking the decorating basics course last.... weird I know... but it seems appropriate... I do like to read magazines from front to back.... there's a fun fact about me!! ;) so there's the next two months... then I'll have to find something else to do on class nights!! ;)

One of the funnest "projects" I've ever made.....

..... and it was delicious too!! ;) ok, my opinion may be a little biased!
first order of business... preparing our flowers, and making our cake!! :)
mine was chocolate!! :D
this one's out of order... hahaha!!!b Gaby cutting the fondant to make it fit her cake!!
cutting and getting ready to make the first layer of my daisy's
our final product.... this one jumped in here too!! ;) Gaby made pink and white ones, and i had pink yellow and white.... we were so proud of our flowers!! :)
waiting to dry!
a close up.... I made just pink ones too!!
Gaby's creation
her center was supposed to be a darker brown, but it was taking forever to get the "right" color, so this is what we ended up with... I thought they turned out cute!!
I made leaves too!!! and yet I had no idea what my final cake would look like!! ;)
YES!!!! I was proud of the daisy's....
Krysta's cake was so cute!! I LOVED it.... it was bright and beautiful!
Gaby's cake was cute too..... :)
.... and mine..... I had to many decorations to work with... so this is what I came up with!

Jenny, Gaby and I, Jenny's cake was BRIGHT yellow... I LOVED that one too!! :)
Gaby and I..... We've enjoyed "sister" time so much that we decided to take another class..... :)

Whinny Wednesday!!!

.....Let me go ahead and apologize for myself right now.... ;) It's not everyday that I whinne, but I have noticed that lately they're A LOT more closer together than I generally like them.... :/ I'm pretty sure it's the "negativity" that I seem to be running into lately... lol! I like to think that I'm generally a happy person, and I KNOW that I try to live in a "cup is always half full" kind of way.... However, that has proven to be getting harder and harder....

Why is it that people ALWAYS have to find something to complain about?? (and yes! I realize I'm doing that now!) ;) it seems that it doesn't really matter what it is, people have to bitch and complain about it, sometimes I feel like they just want someone to feel sorry for them? but why?? why can't we all just be happy that we're alive and well, that we still have jobs, and that we're able to do extra-curricular activities at our leisure? and why can't we do all of this without making sure that no one else has more, or is having more fun than us... that would just be more reason to feel sorry for ourselves.... why can't we be happy with what he have? like the roof over our heads and food on the table?? there are people out there that don't even have that.... and why is it that when we see someone we haven't seen in forever, they must always tell us EVERYWAY that their life is going wrong?? why don't we make more of an effort of mentioning ALL of the ways in which our lives are going GREAT?? wouldn't THAT make for more pleasant conversation?? ummmm.... Life happens to everyone, and it's how we deal with it, that is important....

I asked someone to help me in answering that question the other day.... all they could say was that I was "different", whatever that means?? Now don't get me wrong I know LOTS of very positive people, in that aspect I'm lucky, God has blessed me with AMAZING friends and family, and I know that they're all equally grateful for all that they've worked hard to achieve, and have, but man it's those few negative one's, the one's who think something is "owed" to them, and it's always the same one's.... that can bring bring anyone's mood to the ground in a heartbeat.... hahaha!! all day today I wondered why that was, why do people like beng unhappy?? It's almost like some of them even live for it..... REALLY?? being negative and unhappy is exhausting!!! After much thought on this subject I came to no conclusion! ;) So I decided that I would blog about it, and get it all out.... maybe that would help me understand the way others think??

I'm sure my thinking, and frustration with negativity has a lot to do with me going thru my own roller coaster of emotions.... I'm pretty sure the 30's haven't been my "favorite" years... I now worry about things like getting married, and finding the one, and finally figuring out what I want to do when I grow up! Oh wait there's that kid thing too.... ugh... I'm not gonna lie when I say that Sunday's dance recital for all the girls was GREAT.... I LOVED it, but at the same time it made me sad.... sad that I didn't have a little one out there dancing with the rest of them, sad that I may never have a little girl, and yet hopeful but at the same time sad that if I am eventually blessed with one, (that's me being positive, it can still happen, I'm NOT that old!) ;) she wont be the same age as the other girls, I was so proud of all of the little one's they did an awesome job though.... then I felt guilty, how could this day suddenly be about me?? this ws the girls' day... and what a day it was!!! They were AWesome!! :) things that generally didn't affect me in my 20's, are now starting to "worry" me, but enough about that.... It's something I think about, but it's not ALL I think about, that is until people bring it to my attention.... hahaha!!! a few years ago, I would of brushed it off, don't get me wrong, I still "brush" it off now, but then I think about it, and then I let it get to me.... and well we all know what happens after that!! :)
So there!! that's my whinning session for today! I feel better, hahaha!!! but i don't think i'll ever understand why some people thrive for negativity..... ughhhhh.... one of these days when I get older someone will enlighten me I'm sure of it!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 weeks feels like forever.....

Bea and the girls went home last night, we failed at convincing Romeo that they should stay 1 more week.... :( haha... I didn't think that I'd miss them as much as I do, actually I did, but I was trying to convince my self otherwise... Three weeks is long enough for people to become part of one's daily routine...
I miss the early morning cold feet crawling into my bed, and the little person they belonged to whispering in my ear.... "Mj, can we watch a show?" I'm pretty sure my mornings won't be the same.... who's going to watch George with me?? or Max and Ruby?? but I do have to say that I am grateful that I won't be watching Peter Pan for a while!! ;)
Then there is the little voice that said "shut up's a bad word," EVERYTIME I said shut up, and anyone that knows me, knows that I say "Shut up," A LOT!! It's my word of exclamation for everything.... happy or sad... hahaha!!!
.... and who's gonna "dare" me to jump into the pool with my clothes on, everytime afternoon when I got home from work??
Or chant MJ, MJ, or Go Vero, Go, then I think there was a Chato, Chato chant one day too... and that was to get us to join her in the pool, for a little bit....
And I can't forget miss LuLu Bee... :) and all her big smiles.... and snuggles.... and her "seriousness, at the sight of a camera!
and my cousin, it was great having her here, to do whatever with, shopping, swimming, talking, bonding.... whatever it was, I was glad they were all here...
And even though I miss all of the Chavi equaly, it that huggable, lovable 4 year old, that I miss the most, her big bear hugs, and kisses.... and yes.... that's even after the "socks" incident.... stay tunned for that one!! ;) hahaha!!!
She did promise me that she'd call me on the computer soon!! I can hardly wait for that call! ;)
Thanks Bea, and Rome for 3 great weeks! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quality time with Lucciana!! ;)

Hahaha!!! This is such a classic picture, anyone who knows me at all knows that I enjoy a good ol' nap!!! we had been taking turns watching Lu while everyone else went in the pool.... so everyone got a chance to go and enjoy themselves! ;) I can't remember what day this was, but I think it was after work, sometime in the middle of their trip, I offered to feed her and "watch" her.... as you can obviously tell, I did a GREAT job.... I know she fell asleep first though, that part I'm sure of, it's the point at which I fell asleep that I'm not sure of.... :) of course my sister and cousin had a field day taking pictures, they thought it was hillarious! haha!! so they took their numerous pictures and then took the baby from me, so we could both continue comfortably on our naps.... :) I LOVED my quality Lu time!! ;) and for the record, it was the only time I fell asleep with her!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vides 1 MJ and Gaby 0

"what'd you do with your socks?, with a quivering look, "I just wanted them to see the city!"" :/

hahaha!!! what a terrific quote to start a post in which I'm going to praise all of my "mommy" friends, and family members... ;) you guys are seriously the best.... being the "mommy" is hard work, and how the heck does ANYONE keep a "straight" face when you get this as an answer??? ok.... the story goes like this, enjoy!! ;)

Vides asked to go to Disneyland EVERYDAY for like 2 weeks, Gaby and I decided to take her, it would be "our" day with her, we waited for Gaby to get off of work and then all three of us were ready to go.... so off we grabbed a quick lunch/dinner meal and off we went.... now Vides HATES shoes, and it's an ongoing joke that she will take them off almost immediatly when she gets in the house, in the car, seated at a restaurant.... hahaha!! it's a friggin constant battle to try and make sure we leave places with her shoes... :) so naturally we got in the car and first thing she did was take off her shoes... I was the driver, so Gaby would occasionally turn back and check to make sure everything was "ok"..... and it was, right about fullerton area, that the "puppets" came out to play... I thought "whatever, she's entertained!" on the fwy offramp I decided to roll down our windows a little, it was nice out! ;) so we rode with the windows open the rest of the way.... when we finally got to disneyland she was so excited that I was excited too, and we couldn't wait to get in!!! BUT wait, Gaby started gathering shoes and socks while I parked, oh wait, just shoes, the socks were missing.... oh well I said, we'll find them when we park.... but we didn't find them anywhere... we asked questions like, "what happened to your socks," a MILLION times... then I thought I'd be clever and changed the question.... "V where did you put your socks??" and there was also, "V did your socks fall somewhere?" all the while the answer was always the same, a very quiet, "I don't know," in the meantime Gaby's searching the car, all crevices were looked in, and nothing, then a lightbulb lit up and I said, did something happen to your puppets?? and she sunk into the seat a little and very softly said, "yeah, they flew out the window," WTF at that point I was so frustrated and Gaby was too, we just burst out laughing.... we spent 15 minutes turning the inside of the car inside out, only to learn the socks flew out the window... my sister couldn't stop laughing... how the heck was I going to get the point across that this was not a "smart" thing to do when I couldn't even keep a straight face myself?? so Gaby decided to go make a call, to my cousin while V and I talked about how it's unsafe to throw things out of the window of a moving car, she assured me that she knew that, and she only let them "fly" out when the car was stopped.... hmmmmm.... after we told her that there would be no complaining if her feet got cold we finally were on our way INTO the park.... hahaha!! later we found out that Bea, and my mom laughed at our expense for a long while!!! hahaha!! so there you have it, the story of a little pair of pink and white socks on vacation from SF that ended up somewhere in the city of Anaheim.... We can only hope that they're enjoying the "city".... ;)

We're here!!! she was sooooo excited!!

The jungle cruise turned out to be a favorite! she was so excited to see the elephants... haha getting ready to go on Snow White, the guy noticed she was a little scared so she got to hold a flashlight! ;)
a group shot!
what's disneyland without food?? ;) she got to pick, so we ate Pizza and her and Gaby had chocolate milk.... good choice V!!
awwww!!! getting ready to watch the firework show.... :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daisy's, daisy's everywhere!!!!

.... and just like that class number 3 was among us... :) I must say that this fondant decorating class has been a blast... and i feel like I have learned so much... We had the last class today, and the final project is now done.... the blog on that will come soon! ;) the third class was basicallly learning how to make Daisy's and mums....
waiting for them to dry!

the makings of a mumm

The mumm.... not sure this one was my favorite, and it was REALLY time consuming to make!

all of the flowers.... awaiting what part they're going to play in the final project!! :)

I'm absolutelly sure that Daisy's were my favorite ones to make, that and the roses from the precious class... the mumms were very time consuming and mine didn't really turn out that great!! hahaha!!! stay tunned for the last week of this course.... and the "final" project! :)

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

WOW! time sure does fly! I can't believe it's been 11 years today.....

.......Since I started working for the Big A, as I so lovingly call it!! ;) I was still a college student, and it was the perfect job to help me get thru school, the pay was good, the health insurance is good and eventually I got promoted and kept moving up the ladder to where even my schedule was perfect.... :) It's definitly been a VERY comfortable 11 years.... I can't remember the last itme I worked past 6am..... Oh, Oh, I may of just jinxed myself!!!

I am in a position where the hours are perfect, and well the pay isn't bad! ;) at every 5 year mark I tell myself and others that I will try to "figure" it our in the next 5 years.... hahaha!!! someday a new window of opportunity will show it's face, and maybe then I'll be brave enough to leave the comfort of the Big "A"... but for now I will celebrate my anniversary by going to work at 4am..... hahaha!!! sounds good to me, It's what I know, and appearantly what I "like" to do..... And thanking God for a job..... :) Here's to 4 more years, until I hit that 5 year mark again!!! ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time for a Picnic!!!

on the wayh home from work one day I thought a picnic with the girls and the family would be fun!!! so I stppped by the store and picked up a couple of french breads to make a few sandwiches.... we got some chips and off we went!! :)
My dad was in charge of our picnic basket.... :0) and off we went to the park across the street!
I picked up some bubbles too, and that's the first thing we did.... oh yeah I picked up these "good for the environment" bubbles, and well lets just say I wasn't that impressed... :)
more bubbles....
and Vides and I set out our picnic spot.... everyone else wanted to eat on the bench... boooooring!! ;) of course Minnie was going to be joining us too! we were ready to eat our sandwiches and chips!! :)
then she went and joined everyone on the bench, and suddenly I was the lone ranger on the grass... :)
Then it was time to tumble.....
.... and tumble some more!
and back for more food!
awwww.... I miss my girl already!!! :)
hahaha!!! this picture only proves that my parents are ready for grandkids.... Thanks Bea for taking one for the team.... twice!!! we love you!! :)
Me and Lu before we left on our adventure... and yes this is her serious face, even though she was all happy and smily right before I took the camera out.... haha!!!