Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The sun finally shined thru........ :)

The day started off gloomy and rainy, and kinda cold.... it seemed appropriate since we were saying "see you soon" to grandpa today..... Funny how things turned out today.... He managed to get the whole family and I mean the WHOLE family together today, not one kid was missing!! And that alone was a reason to celebrate!! :) there was so many people there today that I hadn't seen in forever, I LOVED it!! Thanks Ed for getting us all together again..... We love you and we'll miss you, thank you for teaching us what family is all about!
Then there was the fact that Holland won their game today... hmmmm.... not really a coincidence that grandpa was from Holland.... nope, not a coincidence at all!! i can almost guarantee that Holland takes it all!! ;) we'll see.... :)
And we got to finish the day on a good note, Gaby and I had signed up for a cake decorating class a few weeks ago, figures the first class would be today! we almost didn't go, the day's "activities" were exhausting.... we thought that since it was the first class we may not do anything important, and lunch and mingling was taking a while.... we ended up making it home with just enough time to get dressed and go, so we went. I'm so glad we did, it was just what we needed to clear our heads of a "gloomy" day! ;) and we learned how to make a bow out of fondant.... I would of been devastated if we would of missed that lesson, that's the part that I was looking forward too!!! :) and we had a good time! We couldn't believe how fast the 2 hours passed! I can't wait to take the next class.... here's a "sneak" peek at my creation, there will be a "bow" post later!!! :) oh and don't mind my appearance, it was a LONG, weird, emotional day!!! oh and one filled with Miguel's so I may of gained a few pounds today too!! haha!!

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