Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Opening Day!! :D 4/6

Angel's home opener was a great friday night date night! ;) The ambiance at opening day is seriously AMAZING!!  I had never been and I am so excited that I got to experience it...  :) 
They had an awesome flyover before the game!  This picture does NOT do the size of that jet justice!
The BIGGEST American Flag I've ever seen!!  :)
....and it was firework night....  :)  This day couldn't of gotten any better...  ;)  baseball, fireworks, and beer, sounds like a good friday night to me!  :)
Go Angels!!  :)
Here's to a wonderful night, with GREAT company....  Thank you Don for the invitation, and for a wonderful evening!  :)
...and to finish the night off, a spooky full moon over by the Big A!!  :)
Angel's were in first place in their division after this game...  too bad that didn't last too long!!  ;)

Oreo cookie, cookie pops! 5/14

My friend Jessica Wheelie, had a craving for oreo cookie, cookie/cake pops.... so we reaserched a bit, bought our ingredients and went to work! :) They weren't as hard as I thought they would be, and they actually turned out to be pretty tasty!!  ;)  I had some leftover peppermint candy melts from Christmas, so we mixed that with some red ones and came up with delicious peppermint oreo cookie pops....  YUMMM!!! 
what "they" said you'll need.....
1 box of oreo cookies
1 package of cream cheese, room temp
candy melts

What WE used...
26 oz. of oreo cookies
1 package of cream cheese, room temp
candy melts, 1.5 bags

in a food processor crush the oreo cookies, a little at a time,
in a large bowl mix the cookies and the cream cheese together
then start making/shapping the mixture into balls,
we then melted a little of the chocolate and dipped the sticks into it, then we placed the sticks into the balls, after all the balls are "stuck" we put them in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes...  then we were ready to dip!  ;) 
Good Luck Everyone!  And I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!  :)
....and while we were busy rolling, forming and dipping we got to enjoy this beautiful sky!!  :)

The last week!

The last week in pictures and in no particular order... :)
I'm going to be completely honest here and say that the last week has been a REALLY rough one...  I don't know why...  I've been sad for really notI know it doesn't make sense to me either... hing at all, and for everything,  all at the same time!   I've been tired, REALLY tired, and forgetful, and that "I must be invisible" feeling came back again....  ugh... 
I feel like I have seriously been holding back tears ALL week...  ugh...  what a horrible feeling...  finally yesterday I just couldn't anymore...  I was at work with tears seriously running down my face ALL day...  It can only get better right??  Geeezzzz I hope so, because this gloomy business sucks!!  ;)
I saw this the other day and TOTALLY LOVED it...  I think I need to have it, it speaks the truth, better than I could ever say it!  ;)
.....and then I saw this too...  I think so many people have the wrong definition of success...  and I love how it is defined here!  :)
....and my mom made us the best cocido EVER...  It was a perfect dinner to be followed by a fun-filled family evening!!  :)  the only sad part about this is that this may of been the last cocido until next winter!!  ;)
....and I woke up monday morning to this...  I'm in first place in my fantasy baseball league...  what do you know..  the only girl in the league is beating all of the boys!!  ;)  I know it may not last...  BUT I have to work it for all it's worth!!  ;)
Everyone swears by retail therapy, I tried it, it did nothing for me...  I think I'll stick to patry therapy instead!  ;)
I met Jaime and the boys at the park one day after work...  It was exactly what I needed that day...  good conversation with a good friend and endless hugs from the boys!!  oh how I LOVE them!!  :)
on their way to meet up with me, Brody picked me a flower...  a sunflower he told me!!  :)  thank you Brody you made Mia's day!!  :)
For Easter I had meant to make all the kids baskets...  I got as far as getting them coloring books, They've been rolling around in my truck for over a month..  I went ahead and gave them theirs...  and then they were on their way home...  I LOVe that picture of Jakey boy..  he was ready to walk with his coloring book in one hand and his milk in the other!!  ;)
Then I met my sister for dinner...  Steak sounded delicious to me!!  We ended up meeting at the roadhouse...  and it was yuuuuuummmmmmmyyyy!!  :)
Here's to the end of a blah week, in which I was thankful to still be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family!!  :)  I hope everyone has a terrific next week!!  :)  I'm on a countdown for a weekend adventure!!  :0 

Angels vs. A's

I'm not sure exacrly how long we've been going to Angel's/A's games....  But I'm pretty sure it's been over 10 years!  :)  This is part of the reason I look forward to baseball season every year...  It's a time of the year when I know I will see Isaac for sure.....  and Tracy and Aunt Sheila, and Uncle Steve too!  :)  Isaac and I have been friends since our first semester in the dorms...  And since they now live hours and hours and hours away...  ok...  maybe it's not that far, but at least we know the stadium is sort of halfway, and it's always a fun place to meet up, catch up, watch the game and just hang out!  :)  Thank you Tracy for humoring us, and at least pretending to enjoy yourself!!  ;)
I guess traffic was ugly for them on the way down, naturally they were late, so I entertained myself by taking pictures and editing them!  ;)  One day we will see the National Anthem from the inside!!  ;)
All I could think of all day was how badly I wanted a beer, A stella was all I could think about.... I ran into a blue moon first though...  and let me tell you it was delightful and completely worth the $12.50...  :)  There's something about a beer and peanuts at a baseball game!!  ;)
enjoying our field seats...  oh how they LOVE their field seats!  ;)
LOVE these guys...  even though one is an A's fan by default!  ;)
These pictures crack me up!!  They're the result of me asking Isaac to take a picture of me and Tracy!!  haha!! 
Me and Tracy
Here's to another fun evening at the Baseball game...  My team didn't do so good, BUT Sheila and Isaac finally got to see their team win LIVE in who knows how many years!!  :)  WHOOHOO for them!  :)

Friday night fireworks, Angels game, take two! 5/13

...and Angel's Baseball take two for the week!!  :)
I LOVE a good ol' baseball game...  I think we all know that...  ;)  and I LOVE fireworks, and I LOVE GREAT company!  :)  Here's to another fun-filled friday night with Don, Richard and Kelly!!  :)  Good way to spend friday the 13th!
....and we beat the Orioles...  WHOOHOO!!!  :)

2012, A year of FIRSTS!!

I really feel like 2012 will be a year filled with NEW FIRSTS!  So I decided that I will keep "updating" this one blog, with one picture from whatever "first" I/we have done, of course there will be a full blog documenting the experience after....  ;) 
We'll start the year with Lulu's first trip to D-land!  :)  She was leery at first, but waaaay into it, towards the end!  ;)
...and at sushi night with the family I tried Sweet shrimp for the first time!  ;)  mmmmm....  sweet shrimp, YES they were raw, and wet, and yes that was the head on the side!!  :)  and YES I LOVED them!  ;)
A Mud Run! my very first one!  This one isn't until sometime in June, and believe it or not I am SUPER excited for it...  ;)
...and my VERY first Etsy Purchase....  I LOVED it, everyone is/was right, etsy is amazing....  and if everything is as cute as this, I'm definitely on board!!  :)
I got my very FIRST FLORAL ARRENGEMENT DELIVERY at work!  and they were BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks guys...  you truly made my day!  ;)
.....and I made a leap into "the other side," by joining the rest of the world, well most of the rest of the world...  I finally broke down and got an iPhone!  ;)
...And I got to attend my VERY FIRST Baseball OPENING GAME!  We had so much fun, too...  Luckily the company was GREAT!!  ;)
My first visti to the Huntington Library!  This place was AMAZING!!  :)  I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thankful Sunday

- FINALLY getting an answer to a year long nightmare!!! :). I honestly can't explain the relief, excitement, and happiness I felt when I saw the letters in the mail today!!!! :) I'm still so excited that I'm ready to cry... :). I see a GREAT night's sleep in my future!!! :)
- Last minute dinners with Gaby an Michael, and watching him fly his airplane against the beautiful blue sky!
- Owen and Luke hugs.... :)
- Learning that all of our prayers were answered, and knowing that a friend's surgery went very well!
- out of the blue txt messages
- My mom's Miracle candle
- Vides' countdown...  ;)
- Easter cake pop making and dinner with the girls!