Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012, A year of FIRSTS!!

I really feel like 2012 will be a year filled with NEW FIRSTS!  So I decided that I will keep "updating" this one blog, with one picture from whatever "first" I/we have done, of course there will be a full blog documenting the experience after....  ;) 
We'll start the year with Lulu's first trip to D-land!  :)  She was leery at first, but waaaay into it, towards the end!  ;)
...and at sushi night with the family I tried Sweet shrimp for the first time!  ;)  mmmmm....  sweet shrimp, YES they were raw, and wet, and yes that was the head on the side!!  :)  and YES I LOVED them!  ;)
A Mud Run! my very first one!  This one isn't until sometime in June, and believe it or not I am SUPER excited for it...  ;)
...and my VERY first Etsy Purchase....  I LOVED it, everyone is/was right, etsy is amazing....  and if everything is as cute as this, I'm definitely on board!!  :)
I got my very FIRST FLORAL ARRENGEMENT DELIVERY at work!  and they were BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks guys...  you truly made my day!  ;)
.....and I made a leap into "the other side," by joining the rest of the world, well most of the rest of the world...  I finally broke down and got an iPhone!  ;)
...And I got to attend my VERY FIRST Baseball OPENING GAME!  We had so much fun, too...  Luckily the company was GREAT!!  ;)
My first visti to the Huntington Library!  This place was AMAZING!!  :)  I can't wait to go back!

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