Sunday, January 30, 2011

A meet and greet for baby Anastasia!

My friend Rosie threw a baby meet and greet for her sister and beautiful niece Anastasia!  :)  I got to help with the preparations...  we seriously had so much fun together...  I think we should host more parties together!  ;)
We started off by dipping pretzels as part of our party favors....  :)
.....Now anyone who knows Rosie knows she's no underachiever....  ;)  I had a different idea for a fast and easy way to do these...  BUT that's NOT what she had in mind....  ;)  so off we were to INDIDUALLY color each and everyone of these beauties...  haha!!  I do have to admit that they looked really good though!  ;)
I got to meet Miss Anastasia....  she wasn't so happy!  ;)
I made red velvet cupcakes for the occasion...  and we had lots of balloons....  Thank you Sam for picking them up for us!  ;)
On the table's we put fresh rose arrangements, and a cream cheese plate with a raspberry, chipotle jelly sauce that was seriously to die for....  it was the perfect combination of sweet, and spicy!  ;)  there was also bowls of M&M's at each table... 

the cupcake/party favor table
Can't ever go wrong with fresh fruit...  :)
.... and we had a pinapple orange punch that could be served with Champagne, depending on people's preferences!
Rosie came up with these fresh fruit parfaits that were just as tasty as they looked!  :)
The final product!  YUMMMMM!!!  :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Vintage bird, baby shower cake!

I had the honor to make a vintage bird baby shower cake for my friend sarah at ( she threw the cutest baby shower for her best friend and asked me to make the cake...  I was so excited, and of course I said YES!!!  :)  What a GREAT opportunity! Our friend Jessica featured the shower on her party blog, you can see it here  ;)  Thank you Sarah for the oportunity to make my first "official" cake, and for taking such great pictures!  :) 
Now come join me on a picture "tour" of my goodies!!  ;)
the cake!  :)
 Sarah wanted cupcakes too...  and she found a picture of really cute birds nest ones....  and we thought what the heck....  ;)  they turned out ok....  don'tcha think??  ;)
 ....and they looked super cute after a "real" photographer took over...  haha!!  I'm sure the cute cupcake holder helped!  ;)
 there was white one's and chocolate one's too...  I think the chocolate one's look cuter!  ;)

 I think this is my favorite pic...  LOVE the way Sarah used the nests to accent the treat table!  :)
 The bird cake inside a birdcage....  GENIOUS!!  :D
 ...and these I "borrowed" from Jessica...  ;)

Thanks again Sarah for a great opportunity!  and Thank you Jessica and Sarah for taking such great pictures for me!!  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday DeBran!

For DeBran's b-day celebration we went to Shogun...  we had the best time, hanging out, eating sushi, steak, and chicken, pretty much whatever we desired!  ;)  I think we thoroughly enjoyed our girls night out... 
Me and the birthday girl!  :) soon as this sushi plate arrived for the new momma to be, I regreted my meal choice...  haha!!  lucky for me all the sushi eaters around me were willing to share!  ;)

hahaha!!  how many people can I get into one camera "frame"?  looks like 5 was good!  ;)
look at all the "serious" conversation that was going on...  ;)
VOLCANO!!!  I don't think I could ever have too many of these pics...  lol!
mmmmm.....  sushi!
Jessica and Kati tried sushi for the first time!.... the looks on their faces, I don't think they're sure what to think!  haha
The birthday dessert!
Happy birthday DeBran!  I hope you had a great birthday dinner!!  :)

At the TOP of his class! :)

I randomly got this picture txt this morning, followed with, meet us at Claim Jumper for a celebration....  naturally I had to go, I was going to meet the girls later on for a girl's night, but how could I seriosly miss this celebration??  He got an award for being at the top of his class...  His class rank is 1st...  AMAZING!!  AND he wanted me to come help him celebrate....  Way to make an aunty proud!  :)  Vincent was my first official "adoptive nephew"....  I LOVE this kid, and he seriously makes me so proud...  haha!! 
....and he obviously takes after his mom and I....  haha!!  the kid LOVES to eat, and today was no exception, he got to pick whatever he wanted, so he started, yes I said started....  lol, with a clam chowder bread bowl....  oh and that's the pizza they had ordered before I even got there, off to the side!!  ;)
Here's our table full of goodies!  ;)  gotta love happy hour "treats"...  :)
...and a red velvet cupcake for dessert!  :)
Congratulations Vinnie....  we're all so very proud of you!!  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

A fabulous find!

....One day I will have a house of my own....  and HomeGoods will be my downfall!  haha!!  I ran in there today, just to look...  and ran across these beauties....  cupcake holders, a white one, and a red one!!!  The red one had Jessica's name all over it....  so I went ahead and picked that one up for her, and the white one for me...  :)
I delivered it, and when I got here Miss Ella was starting the cupcake baking....  we needed props for our holders...  haha!  ;)
when the props were cooked and cooled, we had a photo shoot...  Isn't this so pretty??  I LOVE the red one....  :)
....and I caught Miss Ella sneaking a little taste!  ;)
I LOVE the white one too...  this one is definitly more me!  ;)  thank you Jessica and Miss Ella for whipping up these treats so fast!  ;)  they were yummy, and just perfect for pictures! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bubble time!!

Jessica had an appointment to go too, so that meant that the kids and I got to spend some quality time together!!  ;)  and boy did we have fun!!  I decided to bring my camera over and see if the "subjects" would cooperate so I could get some much needed practice...  and lucky for me they were more than excited to blow bubbles for me!!  :)  we all took a look at the final product and decided on one to load onto my 365 project site, that I need to catch up on!  ;) 
I think this one of Ella is one of my favorites...  getting the right settings to photograph bubbles on manual mode was hard...  BUT Miss Ella kept on blowing them for me!!  haha!!  Thanks Sister!!  ;)

LOOK Amaria...  It looks like a snowman!  ;)  indeed it did!
I believe this is the one we decided to post on my other site...  it was definitly a favorite!  :)
... and Mr. Luke participated too! 

...and we waved at the jet that flew by
and we ended the afternoon by washing the Van when mommy got home....  they were so excited haha!!  :)  and no they didn't stay that dry the whole time!  ;)
When I was leaving I caught a picture of Jessica like this....
She seriously would do anything for a picture!  then again now that I think about it, I think I would too!!  ;)  Here's to another fun filled day with the kiddos....  :D