Thursday, January 20, 2011


"we don't remember days, we remember moments..."

What a great saying, and a great reminder, that when we are gone, all people are going to remember about us is those special "moments"....  I went to a funeral service today, Jaime and Jessica asked me who it was...  and after telling them a family friend, someone we grew up with, they were kinda like cousins? their grandma... and I left it at that, thinking my family dynamics are to difficult to explain...  lol, but later on today as I sat thru the service I felt like what I should of said was a close family friend, so close that I guess she could of been considered part of my family....  The older I get the more I come to realize that "friends are really the family that we get to choose...."  we choose them carefully, and then we watch as we all "grow" together into a family....  now that old saying that says, "it takes a long time to grow an old friend," comes into effect.... such a simple and true statement....  our friends, our chosen family will be there for us, anytime we need them, and this I also know it true....  :) 
The eulogy for Dona Auri today was amazing, her and her husband were married for 70 years....  seriously 70 years...  man if only we could all be that lucky...  you could feel the love in their relationship everytime you saw them together...  no matter what the circumstance. I seriously call myself lucky to have known this amazing lady, she was the true definition of an honorable woman.... when I saw Don Carlos, (her husband) today he told me, "it's so nice to see you, thank you for coming, and I miss her a lot....  I don't remember EVER spending a moment alone,"  all I can think of is, man what is that man gonna do now?  how exactly does one go from being with someone, always, to being alone, after 70 years?  and then I think man, they were lucky, they made so many memories, there are so many "moments," that we will all carry with us for the rest of our lives, and for that I consider myself lucky....  Thank you Dona Auri, for teaching me how an honorable woman behaves, and for teaching me that beauty really comes from within....  that lady always, and I mean always had a smile on her face, and I will remember that...  :)  Someone told me once that smiling is what keeps the world going around, and I truly believe that!!  ;)


DeBran said...

Oh I love this! What a neat couple and how fabulous that you were so lucky to have known her. I'm glad I've chosen you to be part of my family. :)

maria said...

they were a pretty fabulous couple... :) and thank you... I'm glad I've chosen you also!!