Friday, January 21, 2011

A fabulous find!

....One day I will have a house of my own....  and HomeGoods will be my downfall!  haha!!  I ran in there today, just to look...  and ran across these beauties....  cupcake holders, a white one, and a red one!!!  The red one had Jessica's name all over it....  so I went ahead and picked that one up for her, and the white one for me...  :)
I delivered it, and when I got here Miss Ella was starting the cupcake baking....  we needed props for our holders...  haha!  ;)
when the props were cooked and cooled, we had a photo shoot...  Isn't this so pretty??  I LOVE the red one....  :)
....and I caught Miss Ella sneaking a little taste!  ;)
I LOVE the white one too...  this one is definitly more me!  ;)  thank you Jessica and Miss Ella for whipping up these treats so fast!  ;)  they were yummy, and just perfect for pictures! 

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