Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At the TOP of his class! :)

I randomly got this picture txt this morning, followed with, meet us at Claim Jumper for a celebration....  naturally I had to go, I was going to meet the girls later on for a girl's night, but how could I seriosly miss this celebration??  He got an award for being at the top of his class...  His class rank is 1st...  AMAZING!!  AND he wanted me to come help him celebrate....  Way to make an aunty proud!  :)  Vincent was my first official "adoptive nephew"....  I LOVE this kid, and he seriously makes me so proud...  haha!! 
....and he obviously takes after his mom and I....  haha!!  the kid LOVES to eat, and today was no exception, he got to pick whatever he wanted, so he started, yes I said started....  lol, with a clam chowder bread bowl....  oh and that's the pizza they had ordered before I even got there, off to the side!!  ;)
Here's our table full of goodies!  ;)  gotta love happy hour "treats"...  :)
...and a red velvet cupcake for dessert!  :)
Congratulations Vinnie....  we're all so very proud of you!!  :)

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