Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Vintage bird, baby shower cake!

I had the honor to make a vintage bird baby shower cake for my friend sarah at ( she threw the cutest baby shower for her best friend and asked me to make the cake...  I was so excited, and of course I said YES!!!  :)  What a GREAT opportunity! Our friend Jessica featured the shower on her party blog, you can see it here  ;)  Thank you Sarah for the oportunity to make my first "official" cake, and for taking such great pictures!  :) 
Now come join me on a picture "tour" of my goodies!!  ;)
the cake!  :)
 Sarah wanted cupcakes too...  and she found a picture of really cute birds nest ones....  and we thought what the heck....  ;)  they turned out ok....  don'tcha think??  ;)
 ....and they looked super cute after a "real" photographer took over...  haha!!  I'm sure the cute cupcake holder helped!  ;)
 there was white one's and chocolate one's too...  I think the chocolate one's look cuter!  ;)

 I think this is my favorite pic...  LOVE the way Sarah used the nests to accent the treat table!  :)
 The bird cake inside a birdcage....  GENIOUS!!  :D
 ...and these I "borrowed" from Jessica...  ;)

Thanks again Sarah for a great opportunity!  and Thank you Jessica and Sarah for taking such great pictures for me!!  :)

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