Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmastime at Disneyland!

Disneyland is my favorite during the holidays....  I almost feel like it's not the season until I've seen the BIG tree!  ;)  Jaime and I decided to treck down there and hang out....  :)  It was the perfect day, weather was nice, and the lines were pretty good too...  :) 
Getting started!  :)

This was our first stop....  and my first attempt at getting a family picture with Mickey for Jaime...  Brody wasn't quite sure what to think!  ;)
....and with this picture I was ready to celebrate the season!  ;)
Bye Mickey! 
The size of the ornaments that go on this tree always amaze me! 
storybook land time!
LOOK it's a Christmas Tree...  ;)  I found it necessary to point out EVERY single Christmas tree we saw during the ride....  haha!  And I would of never realized that I was doing it, had Jaime not said something about it!!  lol
...and we rode the carrousel...
....and tried to take a picture, but Brody wasn't having it!!  haha!! 
Pretty, pretty Christmas flowers!
Jakey Boy thoroughly enjoyed hsi churro!
....and of course I needed a picture of the "snowflake" tree!

It's a small world and it's million lights....
everyone needs a "solo" with the castle in the background!
The beautifully decorated/lit Castle...  Courtesy of Jessica!  ;)
Me and Brody watching the fireworks! 
I seriously LOVE fireworks...  they make me happy!!  :)

.... and after we met up with the Fanzo's for chicken salad bowls....  it was a great way to end a fun-filled day!  :)
...... and now we were ready for the holidays to begin!!  :)

the new addition to my collection!! ;)

The new addition to my collection! a friend at work thought i needed him! :-D my coffee tasted so much better today! ;) I LOVE surprises!

Monday, November 29, 2010

today, I feel like.......

......this little/big guy....
YEP, that's right that is the Michelin Man....  haha!!  funny I went shopping with the girls yesterday and as I sat in the back seat with Owen, it hit me....  I chuckled quietly to myself and thought dang, I sure do feel like the Michelin Man tonight...  haha!!  must be all of the tasty treats and food I've been eating since october...  when I finally mentioned it to Jaime, Jessica was inside I think...  Jaime said I was ridiculous, I didn't look like the Michelin Man, BUT she understood what I meant...  we all have a "comfortable" point, and I had passed it, and man was she right.... now you'd think this "realization" would of driven me to say, run a bit, maybe get myself to use that Gym membership I so religiously pay every month?  or maybe it would drive a person to say start eating healthier??  a normal person maybe not me though...  I went to bed feeling like the Michelin Man and I woke up feelin like him too... and all I could think of was what we were going to eat for lunch, I gave Ruben 2 choices, a burrito? or subway?  he chose chili, and who am I to argue, ;) I bought chili, chips and cheese and sat my micheling man self down for some chili cheese chips....  haha!!  I think my problem may be that I like food too much....  ;)  my intention was to come home and maybe go for a run, instead I met my sister at Michaels, for their cyber monday sale, and then I preceded to eat half a bag of candy melts on the way home!!!  haha!!  see it is a "love" for food problem, maybe tomorrow will be a better "control" day!!  lol!  if not there's always next year!!!  ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another week has come and gone!!!!!!

.....and as usual I have lots and lots to be grateful for....  starting with my family.....  :)  my grandma has been visiting since halloween and she's been so helpful....   I just love her!  :)  

and then there was my special delivery from Miguel's, there's no doubt that Sylvia always outdoes herself....  and she managed to deliver all of my favorite things!

and there's absolutely nothing better than dinner at the chicken restaurant at Knotts with friends....  :)

and quality time with Ella and Luke was fun too!!  :)

and I can't forget about the great "winter" type weather we've had for the last few days!!  :)  sure makes it feel like Christmas is near!  

and I can't forget about a last minute "date" with the girl's...  Joann's is always fun late on a sunday night...  haha!  I can't wait to get our projects started!

then there was thanksgiving and our special, visitors....  The baby wasn't feeling that well but it was still a great visit....

and oh how thankful I am for a "surprise" weekend off....  boy did I enjoy it too....  I got so snuggle with Vides, while we watched movies, she told me what she wanted for Christmas, and where I could get it!  ;) 
...and we had a very enjoyable pj day as well, full of Christmas music birthday celebrating and decorating...  :)

and how about a fun day of lunch and shopping with the girls?? 

Oh and I can't forget about Miss Layla Mae....  I finally got to meet her.  :) and I am thankful for Jon for handing her right over to me when I got there....  she wanted to meet me he said!  ;)  ok, maybe that's what I said!!  ;)

so there you have it...  another week of great fun, and lots and lots of things to be thankful for.....  and onto another now!!!  :D

Meeting Miss Layla Mae!!

Melissa and Miss Layla Mae, were down visiting for Thanksgiving, so we thought it'd be a great time to go over to "grandma's" house and meet her!!  :) She was such a tiny little thing, and so cute too!!  Jaime and Jessica met me there, and we played with her for a little bit...  it's always good to have a little girl time, and it's even better when it involves welcoming a new member of the family!!  :)
Me and Miss Layla!
Miss Layla and Jaime!
Miss Layla and her auntie Jessica! 
awww...  gotta love the little peanut!
and another!!!  :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! and a Happy to you!! :)

We woke up early today, V and I watched a movie while everyone else slept away....  :)
My mom and Lu-Lu!
the girls and their "Vero"!
Today was "trim the tree day", we stayed in our PJ's, drank hot chocolate and listened to Chrismas music while we decorated....  V found a little tree to "trim" first!
What's a christmas tree without a beautiful snowman?
MJ, look what I found!  I'm not sure where she found these....  BUT she used every single one, as a decoration! 
Then my mom and grandma took their turn....  ;)
......and I played with the settings on the new "toy"....  I seriously had NO idea what I was doing! ;)
..... My brother ended up coming over to visit, it was his birthday today, and we had already "celebrated", BUT I guess he decided to come by again...  haha! V couldn't wait to see him...  She sure loves her peque...  and I'm pretty sure he feels the same!  ;)
She made him a special birthday card....  haha!!  can you see how excited they both are? ;)
mom, dad and the birthday boy!
It was the end of November and V thought she wanted to go in the pool, this girl is CRAZY!!!  the water was soooo cold....  so she opted to play outside of the pool instead...  nice!
My first flower picture I took with the new camera!  :)
And I ended up meeting up with Carlie, Stephan and Luka at the park for a little while...  we left because it got so cold so fast!  I LOVE this picture of us....  Thanks Steph!
....and a picture of Luka being Luka....  ;)
when i came home the girls were up from their naps and getting ready for their long drive home....  :(   we killed a little bit of time by taking more pics.... 
V and her papi!  :)
....and me and Lu, she took a break from her "serious" face for me!  ;)
....and one last one by the tree, before we said goodbye!
I LOVE when the Chavi come down to visit....  My parents desperately needed grandkids, and well let's face it, none of the Aceituno's were ready to oblige...  ;)  so My cousin took one for the team...  They LOVE their Chato/Vero time and their Mj/Gaby/Michael/Peque time...  and we love our time as well...  watching them go is never fun though...  :/  Thanks Bea and Rome, for making the trip down to spend Thanksgiving with us....  'till next time kids!  :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


awwww....  Thanksgiving goodies...  we must be the only family, at least the only one I know...  haha!  that has both a turkey and a ham for every holiday....  :)  Thanks Mom for making sure that there is turkey and peas for the boy, and ham and corn for me.....  EVERY single year!  :)
mmmmm....  Thanksgiving dinner  :)  and if I remember correctly this is Michael's plate?  I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't of had that much turkey on it....  ;)  Thanks Mike for making the plate picture worthy! 
Lu was enjoying herself! 
and across the table there was some artwork that was being created.... 
..... yep she was proud of her turkey...  i think she drew 2 or 3 different turkey things while we ate..  haha!
Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday!  Jose's birthday was the next day, so my mom tought it would be good to sing today...  just in case....  :)
haha!!  I think this is where she was telling him that she helped decorate his chocolate, chocolate cake!  :)
Then Gaby and Miss Lu got to spend some time together!
....and obviously something was VERY funny!  :)
family shot time!
This is one of my favorites from the night!  :)
The Chavi!
..... and there was a lot more artwork...  :)
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  :)
.... and on the day after Thanksgiving I purchased this beauty....  It's definitly my new favorite toy!!  :)