Friday, November 19, 2010

cake pops!

....Gaby and I had so much fun at cake decorating class, that we decided we wanted to try our hand at other stuff that came our way.  Shannon our teacher offered a cake pops class at her house, it was more like a bunch of girls getting together to make cake pops though....  we had so much fun, and we learned something new which is always a good thing!!  :0  the cake pops were super tasty, just ask my dad, I think he ate all of mine!!  ;)  we started off with sprinkles, sticks, and sugar in our work stations....  :)
... this was the "melting/ putting it all together station!" ;)
cake balls, this is how all cake pops start, we used funfetti, and red velvet cake...  YUMMMM!!!
...shaping my cake ball into a Christmas tree/santa hat!
What a good looking Christmas tree....  haha!!!  If only I'd moved a little quicket this little guy may of had more ornaments!!  ;)
hard at work...  haha!!
....our shaped cake balls, waiting to be "dipped"  ;)
...some of the final "products"
....SMILE!!  oh how we've learned to love our quality time together!  :)
Hahaha!!  Gaby's first snowman only got a nose....  guess she should of moved a little faster too!!  ;)
....and here's my little guy, maybe next time I'll have enough time to give him arms...  ;)
we had so much fun learning and making cake pops....  and we learned the hard way that these "pops" must be made fast, or they start to "melt" and when that happens it's all over!!!  :) I can't wait until the next class!!! 


B is for Boring said...

Super cute... I love making those...

C@r!ie said...

I want one of those red velvet ones...yummmmmm