Monday, November 8, 2010

flying above the clouds.... :)

I took the first, ok, maybe it was the second flight out of Oakland... ;)  I was so excited to maybe see the sun rise, or maybe see an amazing sky...  well the time change screwed that up for me, but i still got to see an amazing view of both the bay and golden gate bridges from the window of the plane...  and of course I got to enjoy the view of the top of BIG, FLUFFY clouds below me....  always makes me wonder if I could jump on them and "bounce" right off...  you know kinda like they do in cartoons...  ;) 
Bye, bye Oakland.....
....  a breathtaking view of the bay bridge....  :)  weird that I enjoyed this, while being terrified of heights...  being inside the plane sorta made me feel safe though...  weird I know...
...and the golden gate bridge
Big, fluffy clouds....  :)

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B is for Boring said...

I love flying in and out of the bay... such amazing views when it is clear out!