Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas cards.....

I am officially ready for the holidays...  my Christmas cards have been designed, crafted, and put together...  some presents have been bought, and some of the snowmen have slowly come out of hiding!!!  YAY!!!  I've been saying that this year I want to do it right, especially after last year's lack of  a "holiday" season....  so I've decided that I will handmake some things for people this year...  starting with my holiday cards...  I spent ALL of today making these....  I had such a great time doing them too....  but at the end of 7 LONG hours I was ready to be done..  my eyes, neck and shoulders were so tired, BUT I had so many cute cards to share...  YAY!!!  :)  and of course I took pictures the whole way, just so I could share!!  so here we go...  enjoy!!  and LET THE HOLIDAY SEASON BEGIN!!!!  :p
My first card.....

a work in progress....  :)
...and the second...

constructing my wreath...
...ooooh what beautiful bows...  wish I could say i did them myself..  haha!!  one day i will learn, thanks Aunt Michelle for making ALL my bows for me!  ;)
...and the third

...those red dots took FOREVER to glue down, but they do look pretty!!  :)
..some of the girls left the inside of the circle empty so they could put a family picture inside...  what a GREAT idea....  I went the other way, and went ahead and added a saying though!  :)
...number 4
the pieces for the "angel" card.... I'm not sure this one is a favorite! ;)

looked nice though....
....number 5
....turned out to be a glittery mess, but it did turn out very nice....  and I think it's probably one of my top 3 favorites, it was fairly easy to make, and not as time consuming as some of the others!  ;)
...and number 6, This one is definitly my FAVORITE......  :)  can anyone guess why??
these little guys turned out so cute....  :)
putting it all together!
...and the final project...  YEP, I LOVE it!!!  :) 
The finished cards...  I made 4 of each kind, a total of 30....  so i am definitly ready to address and drop these little guys in the mail box.....  I wonder if it's too early to start sending out Christmas cards???  ;)
we also made 2 gift card holders...  i can't wait to give these little guys away!!
so there it is...  a great way to spend a sunDAY, getting ready for Christmas while enjoying the company of other girls and enjoying great food....  Thanks Aunt Michelle for hosting such a fun workshop, and for the tasty food....  I can't wait to do it again!!  :)


Kati said...

OMG SO CUTE!!!! Don't know which one is the best! HA! :)

jessica said...

oh my...these are mighty cute!!! you will need to teach me how to do all of that!! :)