Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grateful tuesday!!!

God doesn't promise us understanding.He promises us peace beyond understanding. Trust more. Question less.
(thank you DeBran, this is just what I needed)
Oh my Gosh....  it's been a long last few days, so I missed my grateful sunday post....  today's just as good though!  ;)  And man do I have a lot to be thankful for..... 

Thank you God for always granting me "understanding", I asked for a sign and I got one!!  ;)

I have to be thankful for last minute yogurt stops with friends, it's always fun to at the last minute meet up for a little afternoon snack with friends....  :)

.....This last week I have to also mention how thankful I am for "surprise" breakfast surprises....  I got 2 of them last week....  and always on a day when I was sooooo hungry too...  thanks RB  :)

and I can't forget about Miss Karen, who LOVES to share her lunches with me....  thank you Miss Karen, you are my inspiration to one day start bringing my lunches from home....  one day!!  :)

....and little people enthusiasm and genuine love for me....  I called to tell Vides that I would be coming to spend the night with her on friday, and she was overjoyed...  she was making so many plans that I was overwhelmed...  and then when i got there she was so excited, she could hardly contain herself.....  :) 

And Baby Lu, and all of her smiles, and Little Owen and all of his smiles and snuggles...  :)

..... and longtime friendships, I went to visit an old friend up north over the weekend and we had a great time....  we shopped, and talked, ate a yummy lunch and just plain hung out...  it was great, to "relax" and enjoy ourselves at the same time!!  :)

......then there are dinners, and conversations with good friends, I love these too....  :)  always seem to put things into perspective for me!!  :)

....and quality time with my little people friends...  yes!  even today!!  ;)

So there we are, another week has passed in which I couldn't be more grateful for the people in my life....  and for the fact that I have a warm place to sleep in and a warm place to live....  while my family is literally "freezing their assess," off in Guatemala....  not funny, but it does put into perspective the fact that people do really live in places that get colder than 45 degrees, and make it without whinning....  so I will try to stop whinning about how cold I am.... EVERYDAY!!! ;)  and for skype because it is how I can communicate with said family in Guatemala....  and man are they LOVING it!!  It's been so long since we've seen each other in person...  and my younger cousins love the fact that they can "call" whenever they want....  :)  so there you have it, a week or so filled with "gratefulness", but there was definitly one thing that I was NOT so grateful for....  the $18 a day parking fee at the airport....  ;)
can't win them all I guess....  ;)  'till next week!!  :)

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Karen Carter said...

Wow I feel like such a big deal being mentioned on your blog! Thank you...and you are so sweet to eat my thrown together lunches and snacks :) Glad you had a good week with so much to be thankful for! Hugs Karen~