Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmastime at Disneyland!

Disneyland is my favorite during the holidays....  I almost feel like it's not the season until I've seen the BIG tree!  ;)  Jaime and I decided to treck down there and hang out....  :)  It was the perfect day, weather was nice, and the lines were pretty good too...  :) 
Getting started!  :)

This was our first stop....  and my first attempt at getting a family picture with Mickey for Jaime...  Brody wasn't quite sure what to think!  ;)
....and with this picture I was ready to celebrate the season!  ;)
Bye Mickey! 
The size of the ornaments that go on this tree always amaze me! 
storybook land time!
LOOK it's a Christmas Tree...  ;)  I found it necessary to point out EVERY single Christmas tree we saw during the ride....  haha!  And I would of never realized that I was doing it, had Jaime not said something about it!!  lol
...and we rode the carrousel...
....and tried to take a picture, but Brody wasn't having it!!  haha!! 
Pretty, pretty Christmas flowers!
Jakey Boy thoroughly enjoyed hsi churro!
....and of course I needed a picture of the "snowflake" tree!

It's a small world and it's million lights....
everyone needs a "solo" with the castle in the background!
The beautifully decorated/lit Castle...  Courtesy of Jessica!  ;)
Me and Brody watching the fireworks! 
I seriously LOVE fireworks...  they make me happy!!  :)

.... and after we met up with the Fanzo's for chicken salad bowls....  it was a great way to end a fun-filled day!  :)
...... and now we were ready for the holidays to begin!!  :)

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