Friday, December 3, 2010

Party planning for baby Juliette!! :)

My sister threw a baby shower for one of her best friends, and naturally I got to help...  we seriously had so much fun with the preparations too...  and yes I mean all of us!!  ;) 
we made chocolate covered pretzels for favors....  and she's having a girl, so we made pink one's with "ice" on them, and white ones with sprinkles! 
our pretzel setup!  :)
.... and she wanted to make bees to go with it, we call her friend Bee...  ;)  so we got ready to make bee cake pops...  and yes even Mike got to help...  sadly his bees were probably the best one's of all!!  haha!!  go figure...  ;)
look at the concentration on his face...  ;)  and all I could do was smile and hope that my bees didn't fall apart!!  haha
Gaby and her bee!
.....and me and mine!  ;)
our final production....  and yes there were a few things we learned, like maybe next time we should use, chocolate, so people's lips don't turn black from the gel!!  ;)
and there you have it....  fun pretzel sticks and cake pops for a party!!  :)


C@r!ie said...

I think I am in love with you sister's kitchen haha. cute cake pops too ;) love the picture of MiKe!

B is for Boring said...

Love the Bee Pops!