Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmastime Tea!

It has become a tradition, to go out with Isaac, Tracy, and Sheila for tea...  Usually Isaac and Tracy pick a place and we just join them....  ;)  thanks for doing all the work guys..  :)  This time we ended up at a little tea house in downtown Fullerton, mine and Isaac's old stomping grounds!  ;)  The place was so cute, and the food was pretty good too... 
Here's my table setting!
This is what we started with....  it was a cranberry sweet roll thing, fresh out of the oven, and perfect with butter!  ;)
.... and our little arrangement of sandwiches, and fruit.... 
Aunt Sheila, Tracy, Isaac, and I....  the only one missing was "uncle" Steve...  haha!
.... and what is probably one of my favorite parts....  the dessert plate...  YUMMMM, and yes they were ALL as good as they look!  ;)
Then we were off to take our "family" picture with the Christmas Decorations....  haha!!  this picture cracks me up everytime!  ;)
The girls!!
..... and I had to take a picture of the train....  all I could think of, was how perfectt it would go with my collection of "snowmen"!  ;)
Until next time....  :)

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