Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miguel's for Christmas!

We had talked about getting a group together for a little Christmas Celebration...  We ended up at Miguel's, and had a good time with friends...  :)  Rachelle and I ended up carpooling, we got there a little early and decided to photograph ourselves with the Christmas tree....  :)
haha....  I LOVE a solo with a humongous tree!  ;)
after a little window shopping, we went back to the bar, and ordered these little guys!!  :) 

haha!!  a pina colada, AND 2 straws...  say cheese guys!  ;)
Our table!
Me and Miss DeBran!
Torilla Soup....  YUMM!!  I could probably go for one of these right now!
Here's to another fun evening filled with good food and friends!!  :)  what a great way to kick off the holiday season!  ;)

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