Friday, December 10, 2010

The annual Ornament Party!

The Annual Christmas Party is something I look forward to every year....  It's usually the way to kickoff the holiday season....  and this year was no different!  :)
The treat/food table!  and the arrangement that Jessica made from stuff she bought on our Michael's trip...  I LOVED it...  :)  She definitly had a vision while we were at the store...  ;)  haha!
and the annual Christmas arrangement from Bobby was beautiful too!!  ;)
Carlie and Emily had fun entertaining Owen!

Jaime finally got to attend one of the infamous ornament parties....  We were so glad she got to be here this year!  :)
awwww....  Grandma and Layla!

This picture cracks me up...  DeBran and I thought it would be fun to photograph ourselves with the Christmas arrangement!  ;)  so here we are...  posing for pics!
say cheese!  lol!  :D

then Melissa went ahead and joined us...  see Jessica in the background??  this is when she noticed that the arrangement was the main attraction!  ;)
Me and MELISSA!!!
Jessica and Cortney posing with their hot chocolate, and candy canes!
....and a prom pose pic!
Me and Corn-ey-aaa!
Old buddies!  :)

haha!!  we kidnapped Jessica's camera and started shooting pictures...  I found me a good looking snowman to pose with!  ;)

...and then we found random ornaments and other props around...  haha!
...and YES!  I still believe!  ;)

and that's me taking pics! :)
Everybody!  I LOVE that we all get to spend this time together...  and the Ornament exchange is always a hoot!  ;)
...and our wonderful hostess....  :)  Thanks again Jessica for hosting another wonderful party!  The treats and food were great and the company is always wonderful!!  I can't wait for the next one!!  :)

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