Monday, December 6, 2010

a "snowy" Christmas wreath!

This year on my journey to make this holiday season one of the BEST one's yet, I thought it would be fun to "create" handmade decorations...  My friend Melissa at had made rag wreaths a couple of times before so we, the girls and I decided that we wanted to make ours too...  :)  Melissa has written a DIY blog on these....  you can find the "how-to" here.... 
Here was my set-up, the laptop was telling me what I was supposed to do, and the rest were all of my supplies...  don't mind the bag of random white chocolates on the left...  I was "snacking" on those appearantly!  haha!
I decided to make mine using fabric with all snowmen on it...  and the red stripe one was Jessica's idea, she said it would accent all the rest... 
....and accent it did...  I LOVED what my wreaths looked like at the end!  :)  thanks again Melissa for giving me such a great idea, and for making the directions so easy to follow!  ;)

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