Thursday, April 30, 2009

I decide to go back and look at my old blogs from MySpace and ran across this one!!! It's an old one but a good one!! and one that really "fits" where my life seems to be right now!!! :) enjoy!!!

Weird that I ran across this today again... I didn't realize that it was out there in English too!!! hahahaha..... I actually heard this in Spanish for the first time, and it is one of my favorite things to "listen" to..... a couple of years ago my dad made us all CD's so that we could keep them in the car..... although the message is still the same in English, I think I still prefer it in Spanish, but this way I can share it with all of you!!! It's weird this TOTALLY helps me when I'm having a BAD day...... and it has taught me that I should live my life as my own, not as the life of others..... :)


I realized that life as we know it can slip away from us in an instant...... My "grandpa" has been slipping away from us for a while now, but it has deteriorated at a very fast rate in the last few months. Just this last weekend he was in the hospital for a few days and now he's in a home sort of, until he gets well enough to go back home. Yesterday he fell and hurt himself a little, so I decided that since I had a day off today, I would go see him. As I drove to Seal Beach this morning I couldn't help but remember how smart he used to be, this was a man who fought in many wars, and and one point in time while in indonesia him and his brother wresseled(I have no idea how to spell this) an elephant, the tusks that they retrieved as their "prize" still sit on top of their tv. in their house!!! I remember as a child I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, I remember sitting with him as he told us story after story about his travels, he once tried to teach us different languages, he learned to speak 7..... It's weird everytime I see him I hope and pray that he will still remember me, and today he does, at least I thought he did, until I realized he was reading the name tag that they had made me put on upon arrival.... I was sad to see how frail and tired he was, he told me that he was really tired and just wanted to sleep..... so I sat there with "grandma" for what seemed like forever, but turned out to be like an hour or so.... just watching him sleep..... she told me that she felt better just being there, it was so sad to see them both there, him too tired and "sick" to want to do anything even eat.... and her, too tired and worried to want to do anything! Eventually they brought him lunch which he ended up eating, maybe it was because I told him that if he ate everything I would give him a treat, a special something that my mom had sent! Then it was time to go, I was starving and I knew she was too, so we left him there in that lonely place to continue to sleep.... with the hopes that when we returned he would recognize us once again..... It's funny the first time I read the Notebook I didn't really realize or even understand what a person goes through when they develop dementia or alzheimers.... But now that it's happening in my world I realize how much it affects everyone involved, it is very sad to see that someone who used to know what you were all about, suddenly has no idea who you are anymore!!! :(

On a happier note, we ended up going to CPK for lunch, a place that we both decided on!!! We ordered salads and pizza, when the food finally came out, my pizza was missing a piece, I guess it got stuck on something on the way out of the oven so they were going to bring me a new one..... REALLY I asked?? We don't need a whole nother pizza I thought, but they brought it anyway..... Restaurant's policy we were told.... at that moment in time we were sad that there weren't other people with us!!! so this is what I ended up with for "lunch"

2 mushroom pepperoni pizzas and a house salad, kust for me!! we also had another salad, I think it was a thai one or something.... needless to say that I will probably be eating pizza for lunch tomorrow too!!! Oh and did I mention that I had it for dinner???? :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Bryan!!!!

so Bryan joined Sheri and I this year, and finally turned 30.... hahaha!!! For his b-day celebration he wanted to go to Disneyland so off we went, they all went early and I joined them after I got off of work!!! Our first stop was It's a small world, we waited like 5 minutes, it was AWESOME!!! Then we were off to the Matteehorn, Paige's first Roller Coaster ride..... I think she enjoyed herself..... Although she did look a little scared in the picture!! Catherine and I were in the front car and all we could hear the whole time was Bryce saying he didn't like it and wanted to get off!!! hahaha!!! Poor Bryce, Thankfully we all made it off ok though!!!

We also rode, the buzz lightyear ride, and then we decided to go off and get something to eat.... they had been there almost all day and had hit a lot more rides!!! :) so off we went to downtown disney for dinner, a must for 3 cranky adults and 3 children!! :) but first a basketball toss on Main street, Paige's first attempt went behind her... Opps!!

we made a quick stop to take a birthday picture......

and then we were off to dinner... we decided to eat at tortilla Joe's.... the food was GREAT... I had shrimp avocado enchiladas, and they were very tasty... :) Bryan's chicken burrito and Sheri's fish tacos also looked good!!! :)

Then it was Happy Birthday time..... :)

After enjoying a taste of the birthday sunday we took one last picture and then it was time to go, Bryan went and met up with some friends while Sheri the kids and I decided to go try out the new Toy Story ride that everyone talks so highly about!!! :)

Everyone needs their picture taken with a real life sized Mr. Potato Head!!! hahaha

Wild animal park time!!!

On thursday I went with Debran, Jessica and the kids to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego..... There was a lot to see, and I think we all had a good time!!! :0) The first thing we saw was the new baby elephant that was born there a few months ago.... If you look closely you can see the baby underneath the momma elephant! After that we went to see the Giraffes, we found a fun picture spot..... :) Ella decided to entertain the other kids while they got their picturt taken.... hahaha!!!
The lions were "napping"..... I think the heat had gotten to them!!! hahaha

The it was time for the tram ride!!! Ella and I took our picture together!!! Pluto came along too!!

We also saw an ostrich who was guarding her eggs!!!

Ella seemed like she was enjoying herself on the tram!!

Then it was time to go see the butterflies!!! They were Beautiful.... I decided it was a good photo op.... So here you all are!!!

There was pretty flowers too!!! :)


When we left there this Butterfly was hanging from a tree.... Ella wanted to know if she could "touch" this one!!!

Fun times at the Wild animal park!!! It had been forever since I had been there!! I was glad that I got to see the baby elephant.... He was cute..... or maybe it was a she?? :)

Pretty cool art!!!

My cousin Natalie had an art show last weekend at Long Beach State..... I was pretty impressed! she said she was the only at the school to have chosen to pursue this kind of art...

"Exploring the relationship between color and culture as found in Los Angeles

A BBQ full of fun!!!

I have friends that live in Chicago and last weekend they came to visit..... I know I'm a little behind on this bloggin' thing!! ;) Jen and Richard were in town for a Radiology conference..... so their parents decided to have a "hello, Easter, Jason's first B-day" type of BBQ.... I must say that we had a GREAT time..... Hanging out with old friends is always a blast.... Here are some pictures from our fun sunday BBQ!

Happy Birthday Jason!!!! He had so much fun with his Birthday cake!!! :)It was then time for the Easter Egg hunt..... He was sooooooo content with that one egg, it was pretty funn!!! :) Paige and Bryce had such a good time too!! :) The girls, Jen Sheri and I....... after a great BBQ!!! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jessica Inspired me!!!! hahahaha!!!!!

I went over to Jessica and Bobby's yesterday, and I couldn't help but notice that Ella had stir fry for lunch!!! It looked sooooooo tasty, that I decided to make stir fry for dinner tonight!!! ok I'll admit I may of taken a few pieces of Ella's just to taste it.... ;) hahaha!!! Of course I had to stop and get some veggies at the store, we already had the meat here!!! Let me tell you that it smells DELICIOUS!!!! I only tasted a mushroom out of it, but man was it good!!! so I thought I would blog about it while I waited for everyone to come home!!! :) I should of taken a picture of all the veggies before hand... but by the time I thought about it, it was too late..... so this is what the final product looked like!!! YUMMMM!!!! :) Look at all them tasty veggies, hahaha, I think I may of gone overboard with the veggies..... I hope there's enough meat!!! :) Oh yeah... we ate it over rice!!! TASTY!!! :-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball season is among us.......

....and we made it "official" by attending our first game of the season!!! :) Oh how I love the smells of baseball, a well manicured field that has undoubtfully just been mowed!! :)

(Sheila was in charge of pictures while I was eating..... figures, all the "field" pictures are of the A's)

Then there are tbe surroundings.... Who could miss the BIG red hat?? I think this is one of my favorite things at the stadium!!! hahaha..... Look at all of that red!!!

Of course there was also the food!!! hahahaha!!! Isaac and I totally had corn on the cobbs during the game!! and they were DELICIOUS!!!

and we can't forget the awesome game which included 6 shutout innings by rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart, who pitched an AWESOME game, but was later killed in a car accident while on his way home, so sad....... and an unbelievableI can't forget the great time we had socializing and eating the whole time at the game!!! :) WHOOHOO!!! Oh how we LOVE a good angels/A's game!!! :)

me and Sheila!!! hahaha.... and our solo shot!! :)
I LOVE that after all these years Tracey still dresses in "neutral" colors!!! hahaha!!! :)
then there is Isaac all proud of his team and stuff, I guess I would be too if after being held to 6 shutout innings my team suddenly came out o nowhere to score 6 runs in the last 2 innings..... I never thought I'd say this but I kinda wish we had Frankie back!!! :)

sooooo sad.......

So i went to my first baseball game of the season last night, with Isaac, Tracy and Sheila..... The A's fans!!! :) hahahaha!!! all in all the game was a GREAT one to attend even though the Angels lost..... I will blog about that later though!!! The sad part is that I woke up this morning to a phone call and then a news report that the kid who pitched last nights awesome first 6 innings was killed in a hit and run car accident on his way out of the stadium..... How sad for him, he was just 22 years old, just starting his career, and life...... and it all came to a halting stop because of a drunk driver who hit and ran, but was later caught..... The person who hit the car was probably also leaving the stadium from watching the game...... such a sad story, especially since I was there too!!! I had just finished watching the game at the stadium, he pitched a GREAT game!!! he pitched 6 shutout innings in the game against the A's..... so sad that a life was cut short again...... Oh how I hate car accidents!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a trip to the city!!!

it appears that I have no idea what I'm doing, the last blog was eating my pictures and words, and I think this one may do the same...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... alright I will attempt to finish here!!! On sunday before I ALMOST missed my plane, we decided to go into the city and do the things that tourists do!!! :)

Going to Pier 39 is always exciting for Gaby and I. It means that Nutella Banana crepes are near!!! and this time Vides and Mike joined us in the fun!! :)
we were soooooo excited for pictures!!! It was a beautiful clear day for us!!! :) and I of course happened to be on the phone when this one happened... surprising I know!! ;)
We wanted to take a stroll on the trolley ride, we encountered some interesting things on the way there.....

Like this guy, who was holding up this sign.... It's true I was so amazed that I actually ran back to get his picture!!! hahaha.... I couldn't pass it up!! Then there was the one that had a sign that said he needed for money for kung fu lessons because his wife had been abducted by a kung fu??? WTF.... hahaha

We stopped in to the Boudin place so I could

pick up a clam chowder bowl which I ate on

the run.... It was amazingly delicious too!! :)

While waiting for our cable car ride we took advantage of the picture taking opportunities that surrounded us!!! there was the golden gate bridge in the background and Ghirardelli square, and beautiful tulips and other flowers all around!!! I couldn't pass up the opportunity!! :)

and that my friends is the end of my weekend story!!! I would of had more pictures, but for some reason, they keep posting sideways!!! :/ anyone wanna enlighten me??? hahaha!!!