Sunday, April 26, 2009

A BBQ full of fun!!!

I have friends that live in Chicago and last weekend they came to visit..... I know I'm a little behind on this bloggin' thing!! ;) Jen and Richard were in town for a Radiology conference..... so their parents decided to have a "hello, Easter, Jason's first B-day" type of BBQ.... I must say that we had a GREAT time..... Hanging out with old friends is always a blast.... Here are some pictures from our fun sunday BBQ!

Happy Birthday Jason!!!! He had so much fun with his Birthday cake!!! :)It was then time for the Easter Egg hunt..... He was sooooooo content with that one egg, it was pretty funn!!! :) Paige and Bryce had such a good time too!! :) The girls, Jen Sheri and I....... after a great BBQ!!! :)

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