Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball season is among us.......

....and we made it "official" by attending our first game of the season!!! :) Oh how I love the smells of baseball, a well manicured field that has undoubtfully just been mowed!! :)

(Sheila was in charge of pictures while I was eating..... figures, all the "field" pictures are of the A's)

Then there are tbe surroundings.... Who could miss the BIG red hat?? I think this is one of my favorite things at the stadium!!! hahaha..... Look at all of that red!!!

Of course there was also the food!!! hahahaha!!! Isaac and I totally had corn on the cobbs during the game!! and they were DELICIOUS!!!

and we can't forget the awesome game which included 6 shutout innings by rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart, who pitched an AWESOME game, but was later killed in a car accident while on his way home, so sad....... and an unbelievableI can't forget the great time we had socializing and eating the whole time at the game!!! :) WHOOHOO!!! Oh how we LOVE a good angels/A's game!!! :)

me and Sheila!!! hahaha.... and our solo shot!! :)
I LOVE that after all these years Tracey still dresses in "neutral" colors!!! hahaha!!! :)
then there is Isaac all proud of his team and stuff, I guess I would be too if after being held to 6 shutout innings my team suddenly came out o nowhere to score 6 runs in the last 2 innings..... I never thought I'd say this but I kinda wish we had Frankie back!!! :)

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