Thursday, April 9, 2009

sooooo sad.......

So i went to my first baseball game of the season last night, with Isaac, Tracy and Sheila..... The A's fans!!! :) hahahaha!!! all in all the game was a GREAT one to attend even though the Angels lost..... I will blog about that later though!!! The sad part is that I woke up this morning to a phone call and then a news report that the kid who pitched last nights awesome first 6 innings was killed in a hit and run car accident on his way out of the stadium..... How sad for him, he was just 22 years old, just starting his career, and life...... and it all came to a halting stop because of a drunk driver who hit and ran, but was later caught..... The person who hit the car was probably also leaving the stadium from watching the game...... such a sad story, especially since I was there too!!! I had just finished watching the game at the stadium, he pitched a GREAT game!!! he pitched 6 shutout innings in the game against the A's..... so sad that a life was cut short again...... Oh how I hate car accidents!!!

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