Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wild animal park time!!!

On thursday I went with Debran, Jessica and the kids to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego..... There was a lot to see, and I think we all had a good time!!! :0) The first thing we saw was the new baby elephant that was born there a few months ago.... If you look closely you can see the baby underneath the momma elephant! After that we went to see the Giraffes, we found a fun picture spot..... :) Ella decided to entertain the other kids while they got their picturt taken.... hahaha!!!
The lions were "napping"..... I think the heat had gotten to them!!! hahaha

The it was time for the tram ride!!! Ella and I took our picture together!!! Pluto came along too!!

We also saw an ostrich who was guarding her eggs!!!

Ella seemed like she was enjoying herself on the tram!!

Then it was time to go see the butterflies!!! They were Beautiful.... I decided it was a good photo op.... So here you all are!!!

There was pretty flowers too!!! :)


When we left there this Butterfly was hanging from a tree.... Ella wanted to know if she could "touch" this one!!!

Fun times at the Wild animal park!!! It had been forever since I had been there!! I was glad that I got to see the baby elephant.... He was cute..... or maybe it was a she?? :)

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B is for Boring said...

what a cute baby elephant... Looks like fun...