Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Bryan!!!!

so Bryan joined Sheri and I this year, and finally turned 30.... hahaha!!! For his b-day celebration he wanted to go to Disneyland so off we went, they all went early and I joined them after I got off of work!!! Our first stop was It's a small world, we waited like 5 minutes, it was AWESOME!!! Then we were off to the Matteehorn, Paige's first Roller Coaster ride..... I think she enjoyed herself..... Although she did look a little scared in the picture!! Catherine and I were in the front car and all we could hear the whole time was Bryce saying he didn't like it and wanted to get off!!! hahaha!!! Poor Bryce, Thankfully we all made it off ok though!!!

We also rode, the buzz lightyear ride, and then we decided to go off and get something to eat.... they had been there almost all day and had hit a lot more rides!!! :) so off we went to downtown disney for dinner, a must for 3 cranky adults and 3 children!! :) but first a basketball toss on Main street, Paige's first attempt went behind her... Opps!!

we made a quick stop to take a birthday picture......

and then we were off to dinner... we decided to eat at tortilla Joe's.... the food was GREAT... I had shrimp avocado enchiladas, and they were very tasty... :) Bryan's chicken burrito and Sheri's fish tacos also looked good!!! :)

Then it was Happy Birthday time..... :)

After enjoying a taste of the birthday sunday we took one last picture and then it was time to go, Bryan went and met up with some friends while Sheri the kids and I decided to go try out the new Toy Story ride that everyone talks so highly about!!! :)

Everyone needs their picture taken with a real life sized Mr. Potato Head!!! hahaha