Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's been a while, but I finally.....

took a weekend off!!! and it was a great time!!! I got on the plane thursday morning to what would be one of the busiest and most eventful weekends I've had in a while!!! :) I stopped in to see my friend Priscilla and her husband in the Bay area! Silly and I went to napa..... It was beautiful.... and the wine was GREAT!! who knew I'd finally realize that I do actually like red wine???

After driving around and taking in the sights we stopped in at the Frank Family's Winery where we tasted an array of different champagnes and wines..... all of which were VERY good!!! :) Oh yeah I also had a small lesson in what the difference in wines was..... and there was a quote that went with the Cabernet, that I can't seem to remember right now!!! :)

haha!!! a solo shot in the wind!!! :) That's the vineyards in the background..... Napa was one of my favorite places.... I will definitly have to come back again!!! :)

My stay was short at Priscilla's since I had a birthday party to attend!!! :) But I will be back, there was a lot more exploring that needed to be done, I can't wait to go back to Napa and maybe Sonoma too!!! :)
Then I was off to Pacifica, and the much anticipated George party.... It was everything that we were expecting and a whole lot more!!! There was a jumpy, a massive amount of food, and lots of children!!! :) We had a great time, and we especially enjoyed hanging out with family that we hadn't seen in a while!

The cousins!!! I'm still learning how to post pictures on this thing.... and it keeps eating them so this is all the one's I'm doing... until I get a lesson on posting pics!!! :) anyoone interested??? ooops....
now it's eating words so I guess I'll move on!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I'm a giver upper I know!! :(

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