Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a trip to the city!!!

it appears that I have no idea what I'm doing, the last blog was eating my pictures and words, and I think this one may do the same...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... alright I will attempt to finish here!!! On sunday before I ALMOST missed my plane, we decided to go into the city and do the things that tourists do!!! :)

Going to Pier 39 is always exciting for Gaby and I. It means that Nutella Banana crepes are near!!! and this time Vides and Mike joined us in the fun!! :)
we were soooooo excited for pictures!!! It was a beautiful clear day for us!!! :) and I of course happened to be on the phone when this one happened... surprising I know!! ;)
We wanted to take a stroll on the trolley ride, we encountered some interesting things on the way there.....

Like this guy, who was holding up this sign.... It's true I was so amazed that I actually ran back to get his picture!!! hahaha.... I couldn't pass it up!! Then there was the one that had a sign that said he needed for money for kung fu lessons because his wife had been abducted by a kung fu??? WTF.... hahaha

We stopped in to the Boudin place so I could

pick up a clam chowder bowl which I ate on

the run.... It was amazingly delicious too!! :)

While waiting for our cable car ride we took advantage of the picture taking opportunities that surrounded us!!! there was the golden gate bridge in the background and Ghirardelli square, and beautiful tulips and other flowers all around!!! I couldn't pass up the opportunity!! :)

and that my friends is the end of my weekend story!!! I would of had more pictures, but for some reason, they keep posting sideways!!! :/ anyone wanna enlighten me??? hahaha!!!


jessica said...

how fun! :) love the one of you on the couldn't be anymore true. haha!

Melissa Marie said...

haha... I saw the phone picture before I read...and was like, is Maria on the phone?? haha amazing. Seriously... the "why lie I need a beer" is pretty funny too! ;) Looks like you had a hoot!

mjsdailyhappenins' said...

hahaha!!! figures that the one picture I would like out of all of them would have me on the phone..... but I guess it fits so it's ok!!! and YES we did have a great time!!! :)