Sunday, December 5, 2010

A shower for baby Juliette! :)

We got to celebrate little Miss Juliette's arrival today...  We had a blast...  I still can't believe that these girls are all "growed" up and having kids...  haha!!  I've know Bee since her and my sister were in elementary school, so it was fun that I got to join in on the celebration!  :) 
The bee pops we made for the party!!  :)
Their friend Jen made these mini cupcakes...  they were so cute!!  :)
since the party was at the beginning of December we needed to have a "hot cocoa" station!
...and one of the other girls brought these beautiful christmas sugar cookies... 

Me, Bee, and Misty!
I like to call them the three amigas...  :)  Gaby, Bee and Misty....  there's a 4th amiga, but she was missing today...  ;) Miss Cassie, we miss you! 
CPK catered the event, and let me tell you that the salads were amazing as usual!  and Gaby made "Michael's grandma's" pasta with authentic homemade italian sauce....  and let me tell you, that it was AMAZING....  I'm thinking I need to get my hands on that recipe....  ASAP!  ;)
Me and Bee! Congratulation's Bee....  I can't wait to meet baby Juliette....  :) 
.... and then it was present time!  :)
And there you have it!  another fun-filled shower...   now Mommy's all ready to welcome the baby home!  ;)

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