Sunday, November 14, 2010

Always something to be thankful for.....

..... and this week has been no different.....

I'm thankful for Jessica and Bobby letting me come over to make a mess of their kitchen....  It's always fun to have dinner and good conversation with friends....  :)

I'm also thankful for Jaime and her lunch making skills....  I'm not sure I know anyone else who has ever made me a 3 course meal for lunch...  all to be consumed in less than a half hour!!  haha!!

Pedi's, oh how I love them, and hanging out with the girls....

My dad....  he found me donut shop coffee.....  guess I made it clear how sad I was..  ;) so he bought me some!

My amazing massager....  I think I may be addicted!! 

The safe arrival of Miss Layla Mae....  I can't wait to meet her....  :) 

The innocence of children.....  Vides asked my cousin when I would be coming back from my friends house....  guess i forgot to tell her I wouldn't be coming back to see her...  and now I have to explain to a 4 year old how I got back to MY house, without going to hers first....
..... And then there's Ella, and how she so innocently, and with the straightest face I have ever seen told Jessica that her listening ears were "turning on and off"....  haha!!  seriously??  ;)
.... And Mr. Luke, and how with a distraught face he told me that his new Buzz light was broken...  I asked him why? and he replied..  "he's not a sand toy."  :(
.... And we can't leave out Brody, I went and watched him and Jaiky boy the other day so Jaime and Chris could go to the military ball....  I was going to go pick up dinner, I told him i'd be right back, he looked up from his show and said, "you going for a run?"  ummmm....  No, Brody, I don't run....  he looked at me and said "why"....  ummmm.... I just don't, he still looked confused, so I said, I'm going to run and get dinner, I'll be right back, and he said OK, with a smile and went back to watching Diego...  haha!  gotta love the things kids say!

LEMON cupcakes....  seriously I think I'm addicted, i can't stop eating them!  haha!  ;)

and I can't leave out family birthday parties,  you know the kind with a million kids, a bounce house, a bunch of family members you only see a few times a year....  but it always seems like it was just yesterday you saw them... and AUTHENTIC mexican food...  this is by far my favorite part....  and the amazing white jello and other treats my aunt makes...  mmmmmm....  :)

It has definitly been a fun-filled week with lots and lots of things to be thankful for....  Ii can't wait to see what next week has to offer!!  :)

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