Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another week has come and gone!!!!!!

.....and as usual I have lots and lots to be grateful for....  starting with my family.....  :)  my grandma has been visiting since halloween and she's been so helpful....   I just love her!  :)  

and then there was my special delivery from Miguel's, there's no doubt that Sylvia always outdoes herself....  and she managed to deliver all of my favorite things!

and there's absolutely nothing better than dinner at the chicken restaurant at Knotts with friends....  :)

and quality time with Ella and Luke was fun too!!  :)

and I can't forget about the great "winter" type weather we've had for the last few days!!  :)  sure makes it feel like Christmas is near!  

and I can't forget about a last minute "date" with the girl's...  Joann's is always fun late on a sunday night...  haha!  I can't wait to get our projects started!

then there was thanksgiving and our special, visitors....  The baby wasn't feeling that well but it was still a great visit....

and oh how thankful I am for a "surprise" weekend off....  boy did I enjoy it too....  I got so snuggle with Vides, while we watched movies, she told me what she wanted for Christmas, and where I could get it!  ;) 
...and we had a very enjoyable pj day as well, full of Christmas music birthday celebrating and decorating...  :)

and how about a fun day of lunch and shopping with the girls?? 

Oh and I can't forget about Miss Layla Mae....  I finally got to meet her.  :) and I am thankful for Jon for handing her right over to me when I got there....  she wanted to meet me he said!  ;)  ok, maybe that's what I said!!  ;)

so there you have it...  another week of great fun, and lots and lots of things to be thankful for.....  and onto another now!!!  :D

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C@r!ie said...

so jealous you got to meet Layla!!!! I can't wait to meet her too!!