Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

so here we are again,  back to Thanksgiving, the one day of the year in which people celebrate how thankful they are for everything they have....  they spend lots and lots of money on food, lots and lots of time is spent on preparations.....  for this one day...  Let me tell you that this year I have a WHOLE LOT to be thankful for, starting with the fact that this year we (my family) and I, will be spending it at home, instead of at the hospital....  last year we ate left over's that Mike's family sent for us, and shrimp ceviche that my brother picked up from the store on his way to the hospital...  This year my mom's preparing a feast, to celebrate my dad's health, as well as all of our health...  :)  and all of our blessings, because let's face it, we have been blessed A LOT...  :)
I will also be THANKING God for everything he gives me everyday, for my job, and more importantly I will be giving thanks for the people he has placed in my life, wether it be forever, or for a short period of time....  I will also be thanking him for the lesson's I've learned thru out the year, some good, and some not so good....  But all are lessons that have undoubtedly helped me grow just a little more each and everyday!  :)
Today I will thank God for my family, they have truly shaped me to be the person that I am....  My mom taught me how to be a giving, loving person, she is truly the most selfless person I know, and for that I am grateful, grateful that she taught us how to be caring for others without expectations.....  there are never any strings attached in anything that she does....  Great lesson learned thruout the years....  unconditional love is something that I have learned thru the years.... thanks mom!  :)  My dad taught us one very important thing, and that is responsibility and a good work ethic....  it's amazing the things people will do at work.....  because they have figured out how to work the system....  thanks dad for teaching and instilling in me a great work ethic....  :)  My brother has taught me that "where there is a will there is a way"....  he became very successful all by himself, while working his behind off, I'm very proud and thankful for him.....  Then there's my sister, I am thankful for her everyday and for the fact that our relationship is so much better, especially now that we're older....  and I'm thankful for "sister quality time".  Then there's Bea, my adoptive sister....  I thank God everyday that she has taken one for the team and given my parents grandchildren.....  haha!!  Thanks Bea, way to take off a little stress....  we love you   :) 
Today I will also thank God for the "lifelong" friends he has placed in my life.....  people who have been with me thru good and not so good, people who I have shared so much "history" with....  I'm grateful that God has blessed me with a few of these people....  you know the one's whose house you can show up at, just about anytime, and you will instantly feel better??? Jessica, Jaime, and Rosie are definitly these people for me....  all girls who I can literally not say a word too, and feel like it was the best conversation ever....  is that how the quote goes??  THANK YOU girls for always being there for me, and for helping to shape me into the person that I am today.....  and I can't forget about the "dorm crew", we have all proven to each other to be a well rounded "family"....  they are the best too....  I LOVE and appreciate my little "dorm" family everyday!!!  :)  and I especially love the quality time we set aside to get together as a group still....   :D
....and the kids, although not mine, they all love me just as much as I love them, we really do enjoy our quality time together, and they truly light up my world, on a regularly basis....  thank you girls and guys for sharing them with me.... :)
And as much this one hurts, I also have to be thankful for the friends that were placed in my life for a short time, I am definitly thankful for all the happy memories, and the sad.  I've really put a lot of thought into this situation and I truly do believe that there is a reason that, we were placed  in each others lives....  I may never know the reason, and them leaving hurt me more than some people will ever know, but I understand that people change, wether we like it or not....  :)  I will always be thankful for the good times though, and there sure were many!!!  :)
I have also been blessed with lots and lots of other friends and family....  the list is too long, I'd be here all day!!  ;)  I am thankful for them everyday as well..... 
..... so I think that's it, all the special people in my everyday life that truly make me the person who I am...  my world revolves around them, all of them, and I LOVE it....  I wouldn't have it any other way!!!   so on this Thanksgiving day I will give thanks the people in my life, and for all the blessings that seem to always come my way....  :)  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  :)

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