Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! and a Happy to you!! :)

We woke up early today, V and I watched a movie while everyone else slept away....  :)
My mom and Lu-Lu!
the girls and their "Vero"!
Today was "trim the tree day", we stayed in our PJ's, drank hot chocolate and listened to Chrismas music while we decorated....  V found a little tree to "trim" first!
What's a christmas tree without a beautiful snowman?
MJ, look what I found!  I'm not sure where she found these....  BUT she used every single one, as a decoration! 
Then my mom and grandma took their turn....  ;)
......and I played with the settings on the new "toy"....  I seriously had NO idea what I was doing! ;)
..... My brother ended up coming over to visit, it was his birthday today, and we had already "celebrated", BUT I guess he decided to come by again...  haha! V couldn't wait to see him...  She sure loves her peque...  and I'm pretty sure he feels the same!  ;)
She made him a special birthday card....  haha!!  can you see how excited they both are? ;)
mom, dad and the birthday boy!
It was the end of November and V thought she wanted to go in the pool, this girl is CRAZY!!!  the water was soooo cold....  so she opted to play outside of the pool instead...  nice!
My first flower picture I took with the new camera!  :)
And I ended up meeting up with Carlie, Stephan and Luka at the park for a little while...  we left because it got so cold so fast!  I LOVE this picture of us....  Thanks Steph!
....and a picture of Luka being Luka....  ;)
when i came home the girls were up from their naps and getting ready for their long drive home....  :(   we killed a little bit of time by taking more pics.... 
V and her papi!  :)
....and me and Lu, she took a break from her "serious" face for me!  ;)
....and one last one by the tree, before we said goodbye!
I LOVE when the Chavi come down to visit....  My parents desperately needed grandkids, and well let's face it, none of the Aceituno's were ready to oblige...  ;)  so My cousin took one for the team...  They LOVE their Chato/Vero time and their Mj/Gaby/Michael/Peque time...  and we love our time as well...  watching them go is never fun though...  :/  Thanks Bea and Rome, for making the trip down to spend Thanksgiving with us....  'till next time kids!  :)

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