Friday, November 5, 2010

a much needed getaway!!! :)

....Back at the beginning of October I planned a weekend away, up north... I had been feeling a little overwhelmed with "life", so a change of pace sounded good...  :) I have friends up there and of course Bea and the girls are there too!  we had big plans, that included wine tasting and a wine train and shopping, and a day at the spa...  and who knows what else...  haha!!!  it ended up turning into a "relaxing" weekend....  Priscilla wasn't feeling that great, and it was FREEZING out...  So I visited with Bea and the girls friday night and then on saturday I met up with Priscilla, we shopped, ate lunch, caught up on the "everyday" happenins, then went back to her house, watched college football in our comfy clothes and BBQ'ed, with her husband Alex and Amanda.....  it was GREAT!!!  haha!!  I think the best part is having friends one can do that with....  and I have definitly been blessed with a few of these guys.... both far away and at home :)  Then on Sunday we went to the Raider/Chief game, Alex knew I'd never been to an NFL game so he got us tickets.....  it rained almost the whole time, but we had a great time.....  :)  and on monday morning I hopped on the first plane out of Oakland in order to get to work on time....  I came back "refreshed", and feeling like my head had been "cleared"....  ;)  sometimes that's all I need, a little change of pace, and a little change of scenery, a change to my "everyday" routine, to remind me that God does have a plan....  and that there is a reason why things happen the way they do!  :)  so here is a picture tour of my weekend away....  minus the NFL game....  that one get's a post of it's own!!  ;)
Lu lu bee, wouldn't smile when the camera came out...  so this is her with her serious face!  :)
haha!!!  I couln't believe how BIG she has gotten, seriously where does the time go?  it hasn't been that long since I've seen her!  :)
.... my last attempt to get a smile from her!!  and no luck....  haha!
Me and Vides....  she was telling me all about her experience at her friends haunted house, she didn't like it so much....  ;)
Me and the girls!!!
.....  Me and Silly at the game, in the rain!  ;)
.... and the beautiful view above the clouds....  on the way home!!  :)
It was on the flight home and while enjoying this view that I thanked God for all the blessings  he sends me EVERYDAY, great friends, great family, health for me and those around me, and a stable job....
And just like that, the fun relaxing weekend was over....  and back to my everyday routine I went!  ;)

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B is for Boring said...

I love a little getaway... sounds great! Too bad about the rain...