Sunday, October 31, 2010


...So for Halloween this  year DeBran and Rachelle had planned a chili cook off/trick or treating party....  Jaime and I went with the kids for a little while and then we went back to her house to take the kids trick or treating...  they were dressed as thing 1, and thing 2....  First we had to do a photo shoot with Brody and his pumpkins!!  ;)
...haha!!!  this one cracks me up!  :)
Happy Jaike  :)  Oh how I LOVE this picture!! 
and my failed attempt at a picture...  he wouldn't have it!  ;)
The boys had a great time trick or treating, Brody kept saying "other house?"  he did get tired towards the end though...  and requested to go home....  and well Jaike boy fell asleep on the way back...  haha!!  On my way home I stopped by Jessica and Bobby's to drop off some chili, and I got to visit with Ella, for a little bit....  oh and she shared her candy with me....  skittles, because she really had no memamems in her basket!!!  ;)  I hope everyone had a happy halloween...  I know I did!!!  ;)

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