Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween "treats".....

So for the Halloween festivities everyone had to bring a little something to share....  I ran across these super fun "ghost" chips here, and I added a little twist, and made other shapes too...  there were also bats and owls, the chips were an absolute hit....  haha!!!  guess I'll have to make them again soon.... ;)  I followed the recipe, but used a LOT more tortillas, so I just kept making more and more of the oil and seasoning mixture until I was satisfied with the amount of chips there was!!!  :)
the first step.....  cutting out the shapes!
They're all ready to go in the oven!
...... and we have chips....
The ghosts were trying to fly out of the container!  ;)
...... and we ate the chips with this.....  spider web 7layer dip, who's recipe you can find here  My web turned out to be a little thick, I think next time I'll use a smaller tip and decorator bag to do it!!  ;)  it looked ok though....  and tasted pretty good too....  :D
..... and then there were these tasty and totally creative tombstone brownies that Jessica "instructed" me how to make...  they were a hit too!!!  Great idea Jessica!  :)  and yay to me for making my first batch of edible brownies......  haha!!  ;)
Milano cookies for the tombstones
..... and brownies to "complete" the idea!  :)
The party was a blast and it was full of fun treats as always  :) These were just the one's I made and helped make!!!  Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

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B is for Boring said...

Oh! The tombstone cupcakes are so cool! Love it!