Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Sarah and Jessica hosted the annual Halloween bash this year once again....  and as always, it was a great time!!!  Thanks girls for such a  fun party...  It was great to see what everyone came up with in terms of costumes....  let me tell you there were definitly some terrific ones this year....  and there was
2 or 3 Buzz Lights running around this year....  just goes to show what was popular....  ;)
It was great that Jaime was here to celebrate with us this year....  :) 
hahaha!!!  the cat aand the hat made an appearance this year too!!  as did thing one and thing 2!
.... and me, the scarecrow!!!  :)  looking at this picture makes me think that I need to lay off the halloween treats!!  ;)
Scary scarecrow!!  with a smile and as Chris said $150 boots!! 
a girl group shot.... well most all the girls anyway!!  :)
Me and Elvis!
hahaha....  this picture cracks me up....  I think Owen's thinking the same thing I was...  how long before I can take this hay "necklace" off???  ;)
Mr. and Mrs. potato head.....  Janet made her outfit....  I think it turned out great....  and they had buzz light, and the monkey from I can't remember where!! 
Mrs. potato head and the scarecrow! 
my beeeee friend!!!  :)
This was the picture that defined the end of the night....  hahaha!!!  Jaike fell asleep with the cat in the hat's tie in his mouth.....  he was sooooo tired!!! 
.... and I can't forget the treats....  Jessica showed me how to make these super cute and tastefully delicious brownie tomstones....  they were a hit at the party too!!  :0
....  and then there was the 7 layer, spiderweb dip.....  next time I know to use a decorating tip, instead of using a ziploc bag with a hole cut in the corner....  but at least it tasted good  :)
.... and I can't forget about the ghost, owl and bat chips that went with the dip...  :)
Happy Halloween everyone!!!  :)  I hope everyone's is as fun as our celebration was!!  :)

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