Thursday, October 21, 2010

a fabulous "Maria" day!!! :) anyone that knows me knows that I HATE to be the center of attention....  I'd much rather have someone else be it...  ;)  I don't know why it just kinda makes me feel uncomfortable, being the center of attention that is!!  ;)  However, it happens once a year, I call it "maria" day....  haha!!  It's a day in which I get celebrated.... and I LOVE every minute of it...  :)

This  year's celebration started the night before with dinner and cake made by my mom and sister, and it continued onto my actual b-day day, this is the first year in I can't remember how long that I haven't had to work, so I was at a loss of what to do...  hahaha, especially since everyone in the family was working!!!  and then Rosie called and said we were going to breakfast... in an hour!!!  ahhhhhh.....  so I got ready and met her at Mimi's.....  :)
hahaha!!!  I forgot my camera, so camera phone pictures was the best we got!!!  :)  I can't believe I've known her for, I think we decided, almost 15 years.....   neither one of us could really even remember.....  We've definitly had our share of good times over the years!!  :)  Thanks for a yummy breakfast Rosie
.... and these here were probably my/our favorite part of breakfast...  :) the  breakfast sandwich  was good too....  ;)  one thing I have to say about my friends is that they appreciate food as much as I do, as you can see though, I DEFINITLY appreciate butter more... ;)
Rosie and I went to the mall for a bit, picked up my free b-day starbucks, shopped around a little, talked some more....  and just plain caught up....  it had been forever, well maybe not forever, ;) since we'd really seen each other....  :)  That's what I love about her, that it doesn't matter how long it's been, it always seems like time hasn't really passed.....  :)  and that's what I LOVE about these girls too!!  :)
Jaime and Jessica were next....  after I left Rosie, I went to Jaime's and hung out there with the boys for a bit, while she ran out for an appt, we napped, and watched cars, seriously a perfect afternoon...  haha!  ;)  then she came home and suggested we go out to dinner instead of going to D-land like we had planned...  the weather was kinda yucky so I agreed, plus after a few hours of relaxing on the couch with a disney movie, I didn't really feel like going anywhere!  :)  I ran to run an errand and stopped at Jessica's on my way to have me some homemade apple crisp....  it was soooo tasty too!!!  :)  Jessica invited all the girls for our last minute dinner and then we were off to Lucille's, naturally I ordered the tri-tip salad....  It's my absolute favorite!!  :)
Thanks to the girls that were able to make it in such short notice, I missed the one's who couldn't come, but I'm sure we'll do something soon!!!  :)
Happy Birthday to me!!!  :)  what a yummy dessert...  too bad I was super full from all the day's meals to enjoy all of it though!!  ;)
Thanks to everyone for making "Maria day" such a special one!!  :)

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