Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween time at Disneyland!!

... so the birthday celebration continued the weekend after my birthday....  Bea and Vides flew out on saturday and Gaby and I took Vides to Disneyland while Bea went back to the house and "relaxed" with my parents....  we had such a good time...  Vides wasn't feeling very well but she was a trooper and she had a great time!!!  :)
naturally we had to take pictures in the parking lot before we even went in...  haha!!!  I don't know who was more excited....  her or us!!  ;)
haha....  Vides and Gaby! 
Vides planned our whole afternoon on our way to D-land....  our first stop was pirates!! it's her favorite ride!!   "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!!  ;)"
....then we were off to winnie the pooh!
...and of course we had to stop at small world.... another one of her favorites!  :)
awwww..... she was so tired!!  :(
....BUT so excited to be going on small world.....  look at that smile...  haha!! MJ!
and then we ran into this here halloween picture spot.....  :)
...after that we decided to leave, it had been a long day for all of us...  and the next morning I was getting up at the crack of dawn to go with Jaime to her hygenist test....  and we were going back to Disneyland the next day so off we were..... but not before we saw the fireworks in the parking lot...  haha!!  I LOVE fireworks....  and it just so happened that Vides does too....  she truly enjoyed herself...  and well so did me and Gaby!!  :)

so pretty!!!  :)
on sunday morning, I woke up early and left....  the rest of the family woke up, had breakfast, and then got ready to go meet me at D-land.....  we ended up meeting at California Adventure, and our first ride was the bugs show....  and well let's just say that it was NOT a fan favorite!!  ;)  at least we enjoyed picture taking at the beginning!!  ;)
posing with their "bug" eyes!
on the Heimlick ride....  this is the one that made it all better..... sort of!  ;) 
and the crazy ladybug ride with me....  ummmm....  she definitly enjoyed herself!!  haha!!!  ;)
....and then we ran into Jessie, and a soldier, Bea and I REALLY wanted to take our picture with Jessie....  V wouldn't have anything to do with her....  and just when it was our turn Woody showed up!!  YES!!!!!  smile everyone!!!   :)  and of course we had a jazzilion cameras, so we're all looking in different directions...  oh well!!!  it's cute anyway!  :)
Gaby, Mike, and Bea rode the rollercoaster while me and V ate churros and waited for them to come thru!!  :)
.....and on our way to dinner and disneyland, we ran across the parade...  naturally we had to stop, it's hard for uncle Mike to say no to her...  who am I kidding??  it's hard for ALL of us to deny her...  so we were all starving, but waited for the parade to finish...  she was stoked!  :)
Happy Halloween everybody!!!  :)
Here's to fun halloween/birthday weekend celebrations...  Thanks Bea for flying out here with the baby to hang out with us....  we had a great time....  and I LOVED that V kept saying thank you to us for taking her to D-land two days in a row...  :D  I can't wait until we go for Christmas.....  :D  I have a feeling she's going to really lose her marbles....  the holidays are definitly one of the best time to go visit Mickey and his friends!!  :)

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B is for Boring said...

Aww I love the park decked out for Halloween ;-)

Great firework shots btw!