Saturday, October 2, 2010

A shower for miss Layla Mae

Jessica and Emily threw the cutest baby shower for Melissa and Miss Layla May....  you can see more pictures of the actual party here on Jessica's party blog....  The shower was beautiful, the girls did an amazing job like always.....  Kenny and DeBran made delicious food too, and the treats were delish, and the company was great!!  :)  here are just a few of the pictures i took, and some I gathered from the girls.
Me and MELISSA, and Miss Layla too!!!  :)
haha!!!  me and jessica....  third time's a charm!  ;)
Melissa, Carlie and I
Me and Jaime.....  we're happy she's back in California.....  :)
this picture makes me laugh....  DeBran and Wade were deep in conversation...  i wonder what they were talking about?
I got to make the cake this time around....  It turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself...  "
yummy pumpkin spice cake!!  :)
Kenny and Debran are amazing cooks, here's a little sampler plate of the food....  :)
...and I made chocolate pumpkins for everyone to take home!!!  Jessica made the cards to go on top!
the tasty desert table, yummy pecan bites, cranberry orange scones and cinnamon strussel muffins....
Emily came up with one of the best games I've efver seen at a baby shower, it was a different take on the "i've never" game, in which we all said something we'd never done and those who had got to deposit some change into Miss Layla's first piggy bank....  :)  I can't wait to use this one again!!  ;)  and of course they found a "punpkin" piggy....  which fit the theme perfectly!!!  details, details....  ;)

a group shot!  :)
 haha!!  this picture cracks me up!!  some of us stayed well into the evening, chit chatting and stuff....  it was a good way to end the evening!!  :)  looks like I was enjoying the conversation!!  lol

Thanks Jessica and Emily for a fun party, and Melissa, i hope you and Miss Layla had a fun time...  now all we have to do is wait....  I can't wait to meet her!!  :)

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