Thursday, November 25, 2010


awwww....  Thanksgiving goodies...  we must be the only family, at least the only one I know...  haha!  that has both a turkey and a ham for every holiday....  :)  Thanks Mom for making sure that there is turkey and peas for the boy, and ham and corn for me.....  EVERY single year!  :)
mmmmm....  Thanksgiving dinner  :)  and if I remember correctly this is Michael's plate?  I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't of had that much turkey on it....  ;)  Thanks Mike for making the plate picture worthy! 
Lu was enjoying herself! 
and across the table there was some artwork that was being created.... 
..... yep she was proud of her turkey...  i think she drew 2 or 3 different turkey things while we ate..  haha!
Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday!  Jose's birthday was the next day, so my mom tought it would be good to sing today...  just in case....  :)
haha!!  I think this is where she was telling him that she helped decorate his chocolate, chocolate cake!  :)
Then Gaby and Miss Lu got to spend some time together!
....and obviously something was VERY funny!  :)
family shot time!
This is one of my favorites from the night!  :)
The Chavi!
..... and there was a lot more artwork...  :)
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  :)
.... and on the day after Thanksgiving I purchased this beauty....  It's definitly my new favorite toy!!  :) 

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