Sunday, November 7, 2010

My first ever NFL game

....and all I can say was that it was an experience....  haha!!!   I guess that's to be expected, it was a Raider game, in Oakland....  need I say more??  ;)  I do have to say that Raider fans are by far the most loyal fans I've ever seen....  I mean for one it was pouring down rain, and the stadium was FULL....  the parking lot was FULL with people and their tailgate parties...  and well they're just downright loyal, in a scary sort of way!!  haha!!  The game was a lot of fun though, and the people watching part was priceless too...  the kid in front of us slept thru the first 3 quarters, and the girl behind us must of danced the WHOLE game....  :) 
we had AWESOME seats.....

.... we were ready for the game....  how cute did we look in our raincoats??  haha!!!  goofy I know, but they kept us dry!  :)

...Alex needed to be in the picture too!  ;)
the raiderettes at the half time show.....
.....and the swarm of birds that were flying around the WHOLE entire game!
....and with 3 seconds to go, the Raiders tied the game and we went into OT....  and then everyone in the stadium went nuts.....  :)  and being part of that "eruption" of excitement was GREAT!!!  kinda reminded me of being at one of the playoff games in baseball....
.... Let OT begin....  :)  and look at that beautiful sky!
...and suddenly Oakland scored a field goal, and the game was won!!  YIIIPPPEEE!!!
Haha!!  2 VERY excited Oakland fans!
Me and Amanda!
The million Raider fans we had to walk with in order to get to the other side of the bridge!
Here's to a wonderful end to my first ever NFL game, one filled with laughter, rain, lots and lots of junk food, including beer, hot dogs, kettle corn, nachos and a win! :)

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