Sunday, January 30, 2011

A meet and greet for baby Anastasia!

My friend Rosie threw a baby meet and greet for her sister and beautiful niece Anastasia!  :)  I got to help with the preparations...  we seriously had so much fun together...  I think we should host more parties together!  ;)
We started off by dipping pretzels as part of our party favors....  :)
.....Now anyone who knows Rosie knows she's no underachiever....  ;)  I had a different idea for a fast and easy way to do these...  BUT that's NOT what she had in mind....  ;)  so off we were to INDIDUALLY color each and everyone of these beauties...  haha!!  I do have to admit that they looked really good though!  ;)
I got to meet Miss Anastasia....  she wasn't so happy!  ;)
I made red velvet cupcakes for the occasion...  and we had lots of balloons....  Thank you Sam for picking them up for us!  ;)
On the table's we put fresh rose arrangements, and a cream cheese plate with a raspberry, chipotle jelly sauce that was seriously to die for....  it was the perfect combination of sweet, and spicy!  ;)  there was also bowls of M&M's at each table... 

the cupcake/party favor table
Can't ever go wrong with fresh fruit...  :)
.... and we had a pinapple orange punch that could be served with Champagne, depending on people's preferences!
Rosie came up with these fresh fruit parfaits that were just as tasty as they looked!  :)
The final product!  YUMMMMM!!!  :)

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