Thursday, January 13, 2011

a treck up the Santa Rosa Plateau...

My friend Tammy and I went for a little shoot up at the Plateau...  We were hoping to run across some fun flowers...  but alas, it was too early, and they weren't blooming yet...  so all we got were some good ol' pictures of Nature...  and some much needed practice...  These are definitly my first real try at the manual settings on my camera while trying to get the lighting just right...  not sure I got exactly what I was looking for...  But the hike was fun...  ;)

I think this one was my favorite tree picture...  I like how the sun is peeking in just right...  :)
...and we found a pretty little stream! 
...and a place to take a picture of me!  ;)

pretty....  I LOVED being out there with nature...  And I was VERY thankful that no snakes decided to present themselves to me...  I'm sure I would of died right on the spot!  ;)
Tammy pondering her next pic.... 
We found ourselves a good looking woodpecker on a tree....  and used my zoom lens to take his pic!!  :)  can  you see him? ;)  hi there little guy!

then we were off to enjoy a litte dinner at the taco shop...  :)  We figured we deserved it, since we had probably burned off the yummy cupcakes we had in the morning on our 2 hour hike....  ;)  I had a yummy coconut one...   I think they called it a snowball...  and let me tell you it was YUMM - Y!!!  ;)

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