Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bubble time!!

Jessica had an appointment to go too, so that meant that the kids and I got to spend some quality time together!!  ;)  and boy did we have fun!!  I decided to bring my camera over and see if the "subjects" would cooperate so I could get some much needed practice...  and lucky for me they were more than excited to blow bubbles for me!!  :)  we all took a look at the final product and decided on one to load onto my 365 project site, that I need to catch up on!  ;) 
I think this one of Ella is one of my favorites...  getting the right settings to photograph bubbles on manual mode was hard...  BUT Miss Ella kept on blowing them for me!!  haha!!  Thanks Sister!!  ;)

LOOK Amaria...  It looks like a snowman!  ;)  indeed it did!
I believe this is the one we decided to post on my other site...  it was definitly a favorite!  :)
... and Mr. Luke participated too! 

...and we waved at the jet that flew by
and we ended the afternoon by washing the Van when mommy got home....  they were so excited haha!!  :)  and no they didn't stay that dry the whole time!  ;)
When I was leaving I caught a picture of Jessica like this....
She seriously would do anything for a picture!  then again now that I think about it, I think I would too!!  ;)  Here's to another fun filled day with the kiddos....  :D

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