Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A fabulous sunset!!!

There's absolutely nothing that can clear my head, better than a good ol' afternoon at the beach...  Usually that consists of a sunset of some sort...  Today there wasn't one...  haha!  figures, that's sorta how that week had gone!  ;)  and the day for that matter....  My friend suggested I go to the happiest place on earth...  guess he had gotten tired of my sulky, blah mood...  Seems I've been having a really hard time moving on from things people do and say these days...  :/  So today after work I decided to go to my "happy" place...  unfortunatelly for me, it was supper foggy, and there ended up being no sunset...  so in between, prayers....  (I prayed for understanding, the ability to forgive, and the ability to possibly forget, or just plain let go of the things that people say or do)  I snapped a few shots of the ocean....  I have to say that I was quite happy with the results....  ;)

This one is definitly a favorite!  ;)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Huntington, it is my favorite place to think, and definitly my favorite beach to relax at!  I can't wait to go out there again...  maybe next time the sun will cooperate!  ;) 

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