Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A b-day lunch.....

My sister and I have a birthday tradition...  every year we go out and celebrate each other's special day....  We really do enjoy our quality time, especially now that we're older, and we both work, and she's married, and we're just plain busier than we used to be!  ;)  This year we went to Ponte Winery to celebrate "her", Our friend Jill joined us....  the plan was to go wine "tasting", but we only made it to one!!  haha!!  at least we enjoyed our time there...  we ate really good food, and had a fun photoshoot, then we headed to home goods, it was definitly a great day!!  :)
Practicing with my new camera....  and YES!  I didn't know what I was doing!  haha!  practice makes perfect...  right??  ;)
Gaby and Jilly!  :)
Lunch at Ponte! 
Me and Jilly!
Our lunch was filled with lots of laughs, yummy food, and really tasty wine...  I'm thinking I wanna go back soon!  ;)
Gaby was really dissapointed that her wine was gone!  haha!
...and for the b-day girl they brought this delicious treat....  EVERYTHING was edible...  that marzipan was my favorite part!  :)
The birthday girl!
And this is why we Californian's are lucky...  while our day at the winery was amazing, there was also fresh snow on the mountains....  :)
just walking around....  I was "practicing"  ;)

say cheese everyone...  :)
in the barrel room....  :)  Jilly loves Gaby!!  :)

Gotta LOVE the scenery!

After Ponte and Home Goods Gaby and I trekked down to SD to pick Michael up from the airport...  It was his week in AZ, and he flew in for the weekend celebration!  :)  and what better way to celebrate his arrival than a little stop at Joe's Crabshack for a bottomless bucket of crab legs?  ;)  mmmmm...  We LOVE food!!  haha!!  :)

....AND we're ready!!  :)
....YEP!  that's exactly the way we all looked....  excited and digging for our meat....  Nothing like working for food....  ;)

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