Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Gaby!

For Gaby's family birthday celebration we went to Maggiano's in Costa Mesa!  Her and Mike LOVE that place, and I had forgotten how much I LOVED it too!!  It's an italian family style restaurant, where you get soooo much food and it's delicious! :)

We find anywhere to pose for a fun picture!  ;)

I LOVE my sister!!  :D
The desserts were amazing, One is NEVER too full to indulge in some of those!  ;)  We sang Happy Birthday to some sort of italian pastries...  YUM!! :)
Haha!  Me and Michael!
....and a little tiramisu!  ;)
...and a WHOLE creme brulee for me!  ;)  then I wonder why my stomach hurts when I'm done, lol!
...and a family shot!  Happy Birthday sister....  we hope you had a good one!  ;)

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