Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angels vs. A's

I'm not sure exacrly how long we've been going to Angel's/A's games....  But I'm pretty sure it's been over 10 years!  :)  This is part of the reason I look forward to baseball season every year...  It's a time of the year when I know I will see Isaac for sure.....  and Tracy and Aunt Sheila, and Uncle Steve too!  :)  Isaac and I have been friends since our first semester in the dorms...  And since they now live hours and hours and hours away...  ok...  maybe it's not that far, but at least we know the stadium is sort of halfway, and it's always a fun place to meet up, catch up, watch the game and just hang out!  :)  Thank you Tracy for humoring us, and at least pretending to enjoy yourself!!  ;)
I guess traffic was ugly for them on the way down, naturally they were late, so I entertained myself by taking pictures and editing them!  ;)  One day we will see the National Anthem from the inside!!  ;)
All I could think of all day was how badly I wanted a beer, A stella was all I could think about.... I ran into a blue moon first though...  and let me tell you it was delightful and completely worth the $12.50...  :)  There's something about a beer and peanuts at a baseball game!!  ;)
enjoying our field seats...  oh how they LOVE their field seats!  ;)
LOVE these guys...  even though one is an A's fan by default!  ;)
These pictures crack me up!!  They're the result of me asking Isaac to take a picture of me and Tracy!!  haha!! 
Me and Tracy
Here's to another fun evening at the Baseball game...  My team didn't do so good, BUT Sheila and Isaac finally got to see their team win LIVE in who knows how many years!!  :)  WHOOHOO for them!  :)

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